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According to relevant statistics, the number of networked devices will increase 20 times in the next decade, which will bring a new market of up to $7 trillion, followed by a large number of chip opportunities.
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Education is everyone's life preparation, the foundation for the future, the premise for sharing the knowledge wealth accumulated by predecessors and obtaining an independent life. In a certain sense, education determines the future of a country and nation. It is the most important cause of a country and nation.
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At present, the Internet of things of construction machinery is widely used. With the help of global positioning system, mobile phone communication network and Internet, it realizes the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of construction machinery, so as to make the construction machinery, operators, technical service engineers, agency stores and manufacturers "connected with things, everyone and things and people" in different places, remote, dynamic and all day.
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Hackers began to use artificial intelligence technology in DDoS attacks, which put most enterprises in trouble. So what can compete with it? According to foreign media reports, cyber attacks have entered a new era.The advanced attacks from the botnet of the Internet of things put enterprises in trouble because enterprises do not have the corresponding tools to deal with this advanced technology.
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Spot is on the job. Well, that's actually "Factory Safety Service Robot," which is a safety-oriented version of Spot that's ready to help with operations at Hyundai Motor plants in South Korea.
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It’s one thing to have your cabbage patch or running man shown up by Zoomers on TikTok, but it’s another level of embarrassment to have a robot out dance you.That’s exactly what Boston Dynamics’ cohort of robots — including its dog Spot and more human-like bot Atlas — did in a video that resurfaced on Twitter this weekend.
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For a larger part of terminals and sensors in the Internet of things world, due to the large number and wide distribution of nodes, it is difficult to replace batteries in many applications, or they cannot directly rely on batteries for power supply, which makes the limited power supply become a "roadblock" for their landing. Therefore, it must be realized in the form of "Batter Free Internet of things".
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Smart agriculture is closely related to Internet of things technology. The development of technology promotes the progress of smart agriculture. Nowadays, the domestic Internet of things equipment covers the processes of agricultural production, environmental supervision, resource utilization and sales of agricultural products, covering many fields such as greenhouse planting, edible fungi planting, fishery breeding and tea planting, providing convenience for farmers.
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The aiot home market is growing fastest, the commercial market is the largest, and the automobile market still has development potential. According to the data, by the end of 2018, the number of global networked devices has reached 22 billion, and it is expected that 38.6 billion devices will be networked by 2025 and 50 billion by 2030.
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With the intelligence of Internet of things devices, different sensors are needed to collect more data. The data acquisition of sensors in spatial geography, acceleration, temperature, image and motion can be divided into inertia, pressure, acoustics, magnetic force, temperature / humidity, gas, flow, image, radar, etc; Almost all sensors with application functions are applied in aiot industry.
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Aiot SOC is responsible for voice & image processing technology and is the main control of computing power for AI intelligent terminal. The main controller of aiot intelligent terminal generally adopts SOC, which has strong computing power and is suitable for chip brain of intelligent equipment; VLSI, which usually expands audio and video functions and special interfaces on the basis of low-power CPU, has obvious advantages in performance and power consumption compared with traditional MCU microprocessor system.
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Hyundai Motor Group now employs robot dogs to oversee factory safety across industrial sites—starting at a Kia plant in South Korea.The device, "based on" Boston Dynamics' quadruped Spot, boasts applied artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation, teleoperation technologies, and computing payload to cover a variety of tasks.
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Boston Dynamics, a U.S.-based robotics firm acquired by Hyundai Motor Group, has started test operations of its factory safety service robot in an effort to expand the use of its robotics products for various industrial tasks.
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