5G Internet of Things has a highlight moment: the evolution of a technology platform and the empowerment of a technology ecology

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Twenty-two years ago, The Concept of The Internet of Things was officially introduced, but at that time, people obviously had no idea what tomorrow’s world would look like. The Internet of Things was just a technological idea. Today, “the all-round connection between people, people and things, and things and things” has become the recognized basis of the “third wave of information”.


Span of time more than 20 years, obviously the Internet has highlighted the middle – it can be an intelligent conversation with you sound box, smart shoes can be a pair of detection of human body data, can be an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on the farm planting, but it can be a work in the coal plants intelligent production line – it in as a mature industry expect it. Behind all this is the emergence of 5G.


5G has become a unified connectivity architecture for future innovation, enabling a wider range of Internet of Things scenarios, with three features: ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency and reliable connectivity. The Internet of Things naturally has a broader market space. IDC predicts that by 2024, there will be nearly 65 billion Internet of Things connections worldwide, 11.4 times more than mobile connections. In other words, 5G will give greater value to the Internet of Things and make the Internet of things work in a wider world.


If the Internet of Things is the foundation of the Internet of everything, then the “wireless communication module” is the “infrastructure” supporting the Internet of things. Like smart phones smart + connected needs a SoC, Internet of things to achieve wonder data communication, also need to be a god, is the wireless communication module – module manufacturers will baseband chip, rf, memory chips, capacitance resistance of various components are integrated together, such as communication module assembly, provides a standard interface, so interconnected all things.


For operators in the mobile industry chain, in the 5G Internet of Things era, an Internet of things technology platform that is satisfied with the application of different industries is very necessary.


5G Internet of Things


5G module collection, behind has its own merit


Whether it is 5G, which is seen as a general-purpose technology, or the Internet of Things, which enables the Internet of everything, the evolution of technology is never done alone. It requires the joint efforts of ecological partners. There is only one key criterion for selecting an eco-partner, and that is high value.


What is high value? Two factors can be measured: continuously innovative technology and active and open collaboration.


In terms of continuous innovation, Qualcomm is certainly a positive example. Over the past 35 years since its inception, Qualcomm has been focusing on wireless communications. As a 3G/4G technology leader, Qualcomm is still playing a pioneering role in standard setting, application implementation and business development in the 5G era. Qualcomm spends 20% of its revenue on R&D each year, and this ability to innovate has always allowed it to see market opportunities earlier and anticipate them, which has benefited not only qualcomm but also its partners.


The Internet of Things, also driven by this philosophy of continuous innovation, has become one of Qualcomm’s key businesses. “We can reuse a wide range of technologies from mobile to the Internet of Things,” Ignacio Contreras, senior marketing director at Qualcomm, told Ozmca in a previous interview. Prior to the advent of the Internet of Everything, Qualcomm has been actively developing and promoting the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things. In June this year, Qualcomm released seven new iot solutions at one time, from entry level to top level, designed for iot market segments, covering transportation and logistics, warehousing, video collaboration, smart cameras, retail and healthcare. Currently, Qualcomm is empowering an ecosystem of more than 13,000 iot customers to accelerate the industry’s development of connected products and drive digital transformation.


This timeless logic is especially appropriate in the field of communication, because communication standards advocate open cooperation. Open international communication standards are conducive to taking into account and coordinating the technical needs of different regions and maximizing the connectivity of different devices on a global scale. Qualcomm’s cooperation with all parties has always been based on this position, and naturally has become the object of olive branch offered by various places. At present, Qualcomm has set up iot joint innovation centers in Nanjing, Chongqing, Qingdao and other places to further contribute to the development of China’s iot industry.


At the industrial level, Qualcomm has joined more than 20 leading manufacturers to launch the “5G Internet of Things Innovation Plan” to accelerate digital upgrading and help unleash 5G potential. At the same time, the “5G & AIoT Application Case Set” was launched to give demonstrations in nine fields, such as industrial Internet, Internet of vehicles, smart agriculture, cloud games and smart medical care, to boost the prosperity of 5G ecological market.


As a pioneer in the mobile communication field in the 3G/4G and 5G era, Qualcomm is illuminated by the highlight of the 5G Internet of Things era that it helped to create, and shines the light of technology into every corner of the Internet of everything with its partners.

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