Build aiot intelligent Internet Xiaomi routing ax3600 evaluation in 5g Era

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5g can be said to be the hottest communication technology at present. From various terminal manufacturers to ordinary consumers, almost everyone will have some understanding of the new generation of communication technology. In fact, the innovation of current network technology is not limited to 5g, and some other technologies are also upgrading and improving together, such as Wi Fi 6, which has recently attracted more attention. With the recent release of Xiaomi 10 series products, Wi Fi 6 has been mentioned again. This wireless local area network standard can provide faster network connection speed and stability. It will play a role in the future of further explosive growth in the scale of network terminal equipment and become the first choice for building wireless networks in homes, offices and public places.


What is Wi Fi 6

First of all, let’s learn about wi-f 6. Wi-Fi 6 standard was officially released in mid-2019. It is the latest version of IEEE 802.11 WLAN standard, which provides compatibility with previous network standards, including 802.11n/ac, which is now the mainstream. The Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers defines it as IEEE 802.11ax, and the Wi Fi alliance responsible for commercial certification is called Wi Fi 6 for publicity.


The previous 802.11n/ac was also renamed Wi Fi 4 and Wi Fi 5 in this renaming campaign. The simplified naming can also directly reflect the iteration of technology. For consumers, they don’t have to spend time to understand the differences between different network standards in detail, or be misled by one-sided marketing vocabulary. Simple numbers can explain the advantages and disadvantages of products.


In terms of speed, for a single spatial stream on an 80GHz channel, the theoretical speed of WiFi 5 is 866mb / s, and the theoretical speed of WiFi 6 can reach 1201mb / s. With the same bandwidth, Wi Fi 6 can achieve near full rate access. However, in real life, WiFi performance will be different, depending on the range of wireless access points and devices, obstacles, other signals in the air and the quality of radio.


Traditionally, when users use Wi Fi, the network performance can not be predicted under heavy load, including delay and throughput. Wi Fi 6 improves the connection speed to some extent, but its biggest feature is to solve the network congestion and capacity problems caused by “a large number of devices” connecting to the network. Compared with WiFi 5, the network bandwidth of WiFi 6 is increased by 4 times, the number of concurrent users is increased by 4 times, and the network delay is reduced from an average of 30ms to 20ms. The wireless access point (AP) can process up to 12 WiFi streams simultaneously.


With the characteristics of low delay, high capacity and fast speed, in 2020, more and more devices can support Wi Fi 6 standard. At the Xiaomi 10 series press conference, Xiaomi launched a cost-effective Wi Fi 6 standard router product ax3600, While lowering the price standard of the expensive Wi Fi 6 routing equipment on the market, it also allows more users to experience the new network connection experience brought by Wi Fi 6. Next, I will send you the use evaluation of this router.


AIoT router


Better indoor coverage of router replacement products

Compared with the previous 802.11b/g/n/ac (Wi Fi 4 and Wi Fi 5), Wi Fi 6 has natural speed and coverage advantages in technology. If there is a need to make the home router cover the signal better, it is very worth changing a router of Wi Fi 6 network.


Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 is equipped with 6 high-performance signal amplifiers: 2 and 4 external high-performance signal amplifiers (PA power amplifier + LNA low-noise amplifier) are equipped in 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band respectively. The power amplifier can effectively enhance the signal transmission power, so that the signal transmitted by the router can be transmitted further. The low noise amplifier can improve the signal reception sensitivity, so that the router can receive weaker signals.


According to the official test data, Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 can cover 100 square meters and three bedrooms. This typical scenario is no problem. (except for some signal dead corners, such as the corner of the bathroom and the balcony with two walls between the prominent room, there is no problem covering most of the room.) the area of my home is about 45 square meters, and the signal is covered in every corner. Even the toilet separated by two walls can easily search and connect to the routed 5g signal.


One click network security vulnerability detection of aiot devices

Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 provides two frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Both frequency bands support 11ax technology, and the dual band concurrent wireless rate is as high as 2976mbps. Compared with Wi Fi 5 ac1200, the theoretical speed of Wi Fi 6 ax3600 is increased by 155%. Most importantly, with the increase of smart devices in the home, the devices connected to the wireless network show an increasing trend. In the scenario of simultaneous connection of multiple devices, the Wi Fi 6 router can significantly reduce the data delay and jamming.


When it comes to the networking of smart devices, we have to say the characteristic function of Xiaomi aiot router ax3600. This router has an independent aiot smart antenna. As long as you open the Mijia app in the network environment, you can automatically find the uninitialized Xiaomi smart devices around you, and you can configure the network for new devices with one click, eliminating the process of manually adding search devices and manually entering passwords. If there are multiple Mi home devices at home, many cumbersome steps will be saved and quick configuration will be carried out when replacing and upgrading Wi Fi.


Of course, if there are many access devices, there will inevitably be access problems of unknown devices, and even cause hidden dangers of network security. Combined with years of technology accumulation of Xiaomi smart home, Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 can provide security protection for mainstream smart home devices of various brands on the market and detect potential vulnerabilities with one click. With the use of Xiaomi WiFi app, users will be prompted when there is access to new devices. By setting the security registration of protection in the app, when an unfamiliar device is found to be connected, it can block the access or pull black with one click.


Built in game acceleration to reduce host game delay

For the use scenarios of game players, Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 has built-in Netease UU accelerator plug-in, which supports the global network acceleration function of mainstream host games such as PS4, switch and Xbox one, so as to reduce the delay of online combat. New users who bind to Netease UU accelerator through Xiaomi WiFi app can also receive a three-month free time worth 90 yuan. UU accelerator is also applicable to mobile phone and PC games. As long as you select the game that needs to be accelerated in the setting interface, you can achieve a low delay game experience.


Configuration and other features

Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 uses Qualcomm’s ipq8071a main chip, 4-core A53 architecture, 1GHz clock frequency and 512MB super memory. The 2.4GHz Wi Fi chip is qcn5024, the 5GHz Wi Fi chip is qcn5054, and the aiot antenna part is qca9889 SOC. In the current router configuration, these chips are very high-end components, which are only used by the high-end brand thousand yuan E-sports router.


In addition, Xiaomi aiot routing also supports OFDMA, MU-MIMO and BSS coloring technologies, which can significantly reduce the delay, significantly improve the transmission efficiency of multiple devices working at the same time, reasonably allocate multiple devices to occupy Wi Fi channels, effectively reduce the signal interference between multiple routers and improve the communication efficiency.


At present, the pricing of Wi Fi 6 routers with multi-core processors in the market basically starts at 1000 yuan (considering the discount of e-commerce, the actual selling price is also more than 800 yuan), and the selling price of some four core processors is even more than 2000 yuan. Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 has high-performance chipset, flagship antenna configuration, and the natural leadership of Wi Fi 6 technology. It can even be used as an E-sports router.


At present, the mobile phones supporting Wi Fi 6 include Xiaomi 10, iphone11 series, Samsung S10 series and note10 series. In 2020, with the continuous introduction of 5g mobile phones, more mobile phones will support Wi Fi 6. Wi Fi 6 will inevitably become the standard function of 5g mobile phones in the future. 5g networks of mobile operators will be used outdoors and Wi Fi 6 provided by routers will be used indoors to complement each other in network coverage and charges, By upgrading the Wi Fi 6 router, a large number of smart home products at home can be stably and quickly connected to the router, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment. Xiaomi aiot router ax3600 adopts Qualcomm quad core SOC, with 512MB memory and a hand price of only 599 yuan. It can be said that it has excellent cost performance. Fast connection speed, better signal coverage and excellent network stability also make Xiaomi ax3600 the first choice for building and upgrading wireless networks in homes, offices and public places.

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