Grasp the new development trend and strive for the advantages of AI + Internet of things

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With the commercial application of “5g + Internet of vehicles”, 5g will greatly enrich the information services, safe travel, traffic efficiency and other businesses of Internet of vehicles. For example, three typical scenarios based on eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC can provide mMTC services such as on-board AR/VR video calling, AR navigation, car time sharing renting, real-time driving detection, pedestrian collision avoidance, vehicle anti-theft and other driving safety business. Weimei holographic wants to help accelerate the landing of 5g Internet of vehicles applications. Kungfu holography has successfully developed a holographic AR navigation system for automobiles.


The system integrates the function of ADAS advanced driving assistance system, which can project stereo images on the basis of real road surface and adjust them in real time. In case of lane departure warning and accident warning ahead, make accurate instructions in time. The use of micro beauty holographic technology can reduce the traffic congestion and traffic discipline violations caused by human behavior, and improve the urban traffic operation efficiency to a great extent. In addition to cultivating ar series product experience, Weimei holography also focuses on Application Research and development in semiconductor, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data 5g and other fields.


 AI + Internet of things


AI + IOT significantly improves the intelligent level of IOT. Artificial intelligence is a technical science that simulates, extends and expands human intelligence. Its natural language processing technology and deep learning technology are widely used in the Internet of things. In this process, the use of semantic understanding technology can improve the efficiency of information interaction and realize intelligent operation.


At present, Weimei holography has developed a series of AI technologies, including face recognition, image recognition, AI face change, medical image recognition, unmanned driving and remote sensing. As another important artificial intelligence technology to improve the intelligent level of the Internet of things, Weimei holographic deep learning actively arranges in advance in AI operating system to realize ai artificial intelligence, cloud platform docking and other functions, which is expected to be applied in the fields of Internet of vehicles, intelligent logistics and so on.


AI technology has been gradually applied to the Internet of things to realize the integration of AI and IOT enabling. In the future, AI technology can also be embedded in more IOT application scenarios, and there is still a large enabling space to be developed. “Ai + IOT” will become an important trend in the future development of the Internet of things.


The process of micro beauty holographic judgment not only needs to adapt to the characteristics of traditional industries, but also needs some time to build an AI enabled architecture system with ecological partners. AI + Internet of things enjoys a market space of 100 billion. After product optimization, channel opening and business model verification, it will usher in rapid growth. Especially in the direction of urban construction, including smart city, public utilities, smart security, smart energy, smart parking, etc.


According to the prediction of the global mobile communication system association, the number of connected devices of the global Internet of things will reach 25.2 billion in 2025, and the output value is expected to reach 30 trillion US dollars. Today’s world is entering the Internet of things era of interconnection of all things from the Internet.


We should actively plan the future layout of the development of the Internet of things, and firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the wide application of the Internet of things in the new generation of information and communication technologies represented by blockchain and 5g mobile communication. Seize the new opportunity of accelerating the development of the Internet of things and promote the social and economic reform of the whole society. As a participant in the Internet of things market, everyone can’t slack off.

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