How will 5g affect the manufacturing implementation of industrial Internet of things?

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2021 5g network: industry 4.0 will pave the way for more flexible, efficient and sustainable production lines in manufacturing facilities. In this case, 5g technology plays a key role because it is one of the main driving forces for the manufacturing implementation of industrial Internet of things. This technology gives manufacturing companies and their supply chain partners the opportunity to use and implement emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine vision to improve some manufacturing processes.


In these futuristic factories, networked devices will be able to perceive their environment and interact with each other, so as to make decentralized decisions. Many people expect that this transformation will mainly depend on the ability of the next generation 5g network.


5g network provides manufacturing enterprises with the possibility of building intelligent factories and using automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality for troubleshooting, Internet of things (IOT) and other technologies. The low latency, high reliability and higher speed of 5g network are very important to support emerging technologies and new applications in this field, such as process automation, remote monitoring and cooperative robots.


2021 5g network


According to the technology research company, 5g will play a key role to give full play to the potential of the industrial Internet of things in the manufacturing field. “The potential is huge. The industrial Internet of things has realized a new business model. But before giving full play to the potential of the industrial Internet of things, modern and open communication infrastructure must replace some outdated proprietary solutions commonly used in industrial applications. Industrial 5g seems to be ready to provide this infrastructure,” the company said.


The core requirement of the industrial Internet of things is to be able to connect sensors, devices, devices, software applications, manufacturing processes, workers and end consumers. Connectivity means Seamless Vertical and horizontal integration of all layers of the automation pyramid, providing opportunities to improve operational efficiency from the plant floor to the supply chain by optimizing data, information and analysis. The key elements that can promote the industrial Internet of things are improved connectivity, availability, low latency, flexibility and speed. Industrial 5g will play a key role in helping industrial users achieve the goal of industrial Internet of things.


Industrial networks need stable, secure and fast connections to capture and process plant and equipment monitoring and maintenance data in real time. 5g can provide the last mile connection to provide the speed, reliability, capacity and mobility required by manufacturers to successfully implement the Internet of things. Some benefits of 5g for industrial Internet of things include:


-Preventive maintenance: the Internet of things function will obtain real-time information about equipment performance by connecting sensors on 5g, so as to enhance the operational intelligence crucial to intelligent manufacturing. When combined with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence, these data can help predict and prevent the failure of key equipment.


-Improve process efficiency and Troubleshooting: the robot system can visually inspect the products connected through 5g network in real time with high accuracy through advanced visual recognition and deep learning neural network, so as to realize quality control.


-Phased connection to network slicing technology: 5g can be programmed to support network slicing – allowing multiple virtual machine networks to be created on top of a shared physical infrastructure. Therefore, although the existing wired network can operate as is in the manufacturing plant, the wired network can be transferred to wireless technology at the time-division stage of technology update.

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