In depth research on aiot chip industry

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1,The golden age of aiot has come, and industrial reform has given birth to “core” opportunities

AIoT device:Aiot has entered the “accelerated stage” of development: the supporting intelligent technology has matured and will grow rapidly in the next decade. Aiot is the intelligent Internet of things. On the basis of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology, aiot intelligently analyzes the data through the massive data storage and artificial intelligence technology generated and collected by the Internet of things, and strengthens the interactive experience between people and goods, so as to realize the intelligent connection of all things. 2021 will be the stage of rapid integration of mature aiot applications and needs in China, and the rapid volume of intelligent products in 2020 will become the first year of rapid development; It is expected that all applications will continue to be popularized in the next decade, which will be the golden decade for the development of domestic aiot.


Aiot Market & trend: opening the semiconductor “100 billion” competition

The connected devices of the global Internet of things are growing rapidly, and there are many blossoms in various application fields. According to the data released by GSMA, in 2019, the number of global Internet of things connection equipment will reach 12 billion, and it is expected that the total number of connections will reach 24.6 billion by 2025, with an annual compound growth rate of 13%; According to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, the number of Internet of things connections in China accounts for 30% of the world, and it is expected to reach 8 billion in 2025. From the perspective of incremental equipment in the next six years, the growth mainly comes from smart home, including home appliances, network infrastructure, security equipment, etc; Smart buildings include enterprise safety automation, enterprise assets and equipment, etc.


aiot chip industry


Three “core” modules of aiot: main controller, sensor and communication chip

Aiot’s three functions enable intelligent terminals: computing, sensing and networking. The aiot industrial chain can be divided into four levels: the technology of the four levels basically depends on three functions: computing, sensing and networking;


1) Perception layer: the underlying components including sensors, chips, etc. are mainly used for data information collection and intelligent analysis. As the underlying core hardware, it is the first step to realize aiot function;


2) Network layer: including communication technology and service providers, mainly as data transmitters;


3) Platform layer: it mainly stores and analyzes data, which belongs to platform service and is the key to realize AI algorithm and function;


4) Application layer: it belongs to the downstream terminal of the industrial chain and realizes specialized AI functions and services.


Main controller (SOC, MCU): realize analysis and operation; In addition to the MCU main control chip required in the original electronic products, aiot equipment also needs to AI process the huge data generated by the Internet of things, so as to improve the product intelligence and user interaction experience; Therefore, SOC chip is also needed for AI voice & image processing; Taking the intelligent speaker as an example, the sound signal collected by the sensor is processed by the SOC main control chip. In order to achieve a good interactive experience, it is necessary to realize rapid analysis and response through AI speech recognition technology.


Sensors (MEMS, pressure sensing, temperature sensing, etc.): realize information sensing. Sensor is a technology that endows human sensory ability to objects. It is used to detect events or changes in the environment, and can detect and feel external signals, physical conditions or chemical composition. It includes temperature sensor, humidity sensor, gas sensor, smoke sensor, impact sensor, etc. It mainly senses and receives external information.


Communication chip (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.): realize information transmission. The key of aiot is to connect devices to the Internet, realize the Internet of things, and bridge and summarize different protocols of different devices. At present, there are many communication technologies that can meet different communication needs. Aiot generally adopts networking technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Nb IOT, etc.

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