Internet of things technology: application of Internet of things technology in smart mine construction

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The Internet of things is not only an important part of the new generation of information technology, but also an important development stage in the “information” era. The Internet of things aims to realize the interconnection of all things, which coincides with the requirements of full perception of mine environment and full coverage of equipment data in the construction of intelligent mines. Therefore, the Internet of things technology will play an important role in the construction of intelligent mines, and the Internet of things technology will also get greater development in the construction of intelligent mines.


Application of Internet of things technology in mine equipment life cycle management

Intelligent mine construction mainly solves the problems of “human, machine, environment and management”.


1,Through the comprehensive application of personnel positioning, safety monitoring, wireless communication, mine broadcasting and other systems, people can fully perceive the underground operation environment, dispatch and efficiently manage underground operators in real time.


2,By installing intelligent data acquisition and control devices on the equipment, the “machine” can realize the full coverage of equipment information acquisition, which can not only realize the real-time monitoring of equipment operation, but also realize the whole life cycle management of equipment from mobilization to scrapping by analyzing massive equipment operation data and real-time monitoring of equipment location information.


Internet of things technology


3,The “ring” realizes the real-time monitoring and analysis of underground operation environment by collecting the data of each safety monitoring system of the mine, shares and links with other intelligent systems in real time, timely senses the mine disasters and the operation environment of operators, realizes the early warning and equipment linkage of various disasters, and provides active safety guarantee for operators.


4,”Management” digitizes and paperless mine management process to realize online office; Based on the collection, sharing and analysis of massive monitoring data in the whole mine, it provides scientific decision-making basis for coal mine management and decision-making, and improves the level of coal mine management.


As can be seen from the above description, for a modern mine, the four aspects of “human, machine, environment and management” are inseparable from advanced technology and equipment, so the core problem to solve the four aspects is to solve the problem of mine intelligent system and equipment management.


Planning principles for the application of Internet of things in digital mine construction

The application of Internet of things technology in the process of digital mine construction requires unified planning, followed by the principles of advanced nature, reliability, openness and convenience.


From procurement to mobilization to scrapping, mine equipment mainly goes through storage, use, recycling, maintenance, scrapping and other links. If we make full use of the Internet of things technology, customize a unique “ID card” for each equipment from the beginning of equipment procurement and mobilization, and bind the “ID card” with the equipment for life. As the unique identification in the whole life cycle of the equipment, this “ID card” needs to have the characteristics of low power consumption, easy installation, small volume and can communicate with the mine wireless network, The management system can monitor the equipment location and operation information in real time. Combined with the data analysis function of intelligent mine integrated monitoring and management platform, it can improve the utilization efficiency of equipment, reduce the equipment operation and maintenance cost, and manage the whole mine equipment more accurately.


The expected goal of the application of Internet of things technology in intelligent mines

The overall goal of the application of Internet of things technology in intelligent mines is to digitize production, electromechanical, safety, scheduling and other information driven by mine production demand, apply a large number of intelligent sensor technology, intelligent control technology, data transmission, processing technology and information management technology, combine the actual production of intelligent mines, and form a network connecting people, people and things, and things in the whole mine, Realize the intelligent and digital perception of the whole process of mine production, make auxiliary decisions and guide mine operation and management based on the detailed description of mine production process, so as to continuously improve mine operation efficiency and drive the development of industry.

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