IoT trillion market is about to start Weimei holographic grasp the new 5G trend to create AI + IoT advantage

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Major fund institutions bullish on the Internet of Things and VR/AR growth

Recently, a well-known seller of electronic industry analysts expressed the view: “the visible explosive growth point in the field of technology, one is the Internet of Things (IOT), one is VR/AR.” These two industries are also the object of the buyer’s bullishness. The general manager of the quantitative investment department of Anxin Fund said that with the gradual maturity of 5G network and other technologies, IOT-related fields will usher in a period of accelerated development, downstream such as automotive networking, industrial robots, etc. will show explosive growth. In the context of network optimization, the VR/AR industry will become a new industrial focus as more application scenarios are developed.


The innovation cycle brought about by 5G and AI is worthy of attention. Pay close attention to and always allocate part of the 5G innovation cycle in the Internet of Things, industrial Internet, VR/AR, cloud computing applications and investment opportunities. Pay high attention to the new business opportunities formed by AI and IOT industry resonance, such as smart cars, smart home appliances and smart home, etc. A public fund pointed out that in recent years, the development of virtual reality industry is steadily improving, the market scale continues to expand, and industry applications are becoming more and more abundant. Since 2020, the number and amount of investment in VR/AR is higher than the global average. In terms of market scale, VR/AR market size is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2022, becoming the growth center of global virtual reality market. Obviously, a more complete virtual reality industry chain has been formed, and the industry maintains a high growth trend.


Internet of Things


National strategy and technology upgrade to help the Internet of Things booming development

Looking back at these years, IOT has been active in people’s eyes. National policies actively promote the rapid development of the Internet of Things. From the national level, the IOT industry has a strategic position and is the focus of government support. Since 2010, the Internet of Things was included in a new generation of information technology industry, the first batch of strategic emerging industries to accelerate the cultivation and development of the country, the government has introduced a series of policies, on the one hand, to develop special action plans to promote industry standardization, standardized development; on the other hand, to increase funding, infrastructure and other levels of support for the development of the Internet of Things escort. With the growing industry, the government has also begun to pay attention to the development of industry segments in recent years, to further refine policy support, such as for the Internet of Cars, city-level Internet of Things and other special policy documents issued to support.


In addition, the Internet of Things is a technology-driven industry, the four major components of the Internet of Things architecture, the sensing layer, transmission layer, platform layer, application layer requires a variety of Internet of Things technology as a development support. The upgrade and integration of technology will directly promote the development of the market, where the commercialization of 5G technology brings new market opportunities. 5G as a new mobile network, is also an extension of the existing 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and other wireless access technologies, with high speed, low latency, large connection characteristics, can achieve up to Gbit / s data rate, down to millisecond delay, per square kilometer, millions of levels of connectivity. 5G network can not only greatly optimize the communication experience between people and people, but also solve the communication problems between people and things, and things and things. 5G technology in the IoT industry refers to the core transmission technology of the IoT transmission layer with 5G technology, which further transmits and exchanges the information collected from the sensing layer to realize the interconnection between people and things, and things and things. 5G commercialization, the IoT The trillion dollar market is expected to really open.


Advertising ar industrial applications_factory digital safety integration control, multimodal cross-fertilization, factory hazard forewarning, industrial production visualization management and intelligent control through the digital twin…

At present, the IoT industry chain upstream IoT module price reduction and downstream application enrichment, the IoT industry chain is booming. Now the downstream applications are becoming more and more abundant. After several years of development, more and more IoT applications from the blueprint into reality, such as the sharing economy in the sharing of bicycles, smart homes, smart cities and other industrial IoT applications, vehicle tracking, intelligent driving and other vehicle networking applications. Downstream applications continue to emerge to a great extent to promote the prosperity of the Internet of things industry. As another new step in the development of human information technology, the Internet of Things has redefined the industry boundary and shifted the basis of competition from independent products to product systems. The Internet of Things brings new opportunities to the business sector, and the Internet of Things is on the rise globally, with broad prospects for the development of Internet of Things technology and industrial applications.


The “Internet of Everything” has become an important direction for the future development of global networks. As a leading holographic platform, Weimei holographic increase investment in the integration of artificial intelligence algorithms, 5G holographic communication, and has the world’s leading 3D computer vision technology and SAAS platform technology, to promote the IoT continued high boom, and further accelerate the commercialization of applications. Since the issuance of 5G license so far, 5G hit the pain points faced by the development of the Internet of Things in the past. This means that 5G will certainly promote the development of the Internet of things, to achieve the connection of all things. Weimei Holographic will apply 5G communication + AR + IoT to more complex scenarios such as fine control, autonomous driving, smart city and telemedicine. With the development of 5G holographic communication, enhanced mobile broadband (EMBB) and Internet of Things (IOT) applications, Micromax Holographic’s industry will experience explosive growth.


Weimei Holographic was founded in 2015 and listed on NASDAQ:WiMi in 2020. Weimei Holographic focuses on holographic cloud services, mainly in the field of in-car AR holographic HUD, 3D holographic pulsed LiDAR, head-mounted light field holographic devices, holographic semiconductors, holographic cloud software, holographic car navigation and other specialized fields, covering from holographic in-car AR technology, 3D holographic We are a holographic cloud integrated technology solution provider, covering multiple aspects of holographic AR technology, including holographic in-car AR technology, 3D holographic LiDAR technology, holographic visual semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR advertising technology, holographic AR entertainment technology, holographic ARSDK payment, interactive holographic communication, etc. Since its inception, Micromax Holographic has been providing AR-based holographic services and products to meet customer needs, focusing on providing innovative and immersive interactive holographic AR experiences for customers and end users.

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