Smart home is not connected to each other into a hard wound? Haier Smart Home promotes OLA and OCF strategic cooperation to break the problem

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Nowadays, almost no one doesn’t know about smart home, but not many families really enjoy the convenience and wisdom of smart home. Different brands are difficult to connect, passive services are not smart, installation and debugging are too cumbersome, etc. These are not only the concerns of consumers, but also the problems that trap the smart home industry.


What to do? The construction of a global smart home unified standard is a road that cannot be bypassed.


On September 10, OLA Summit Forum was held in Qingdao. On the spot, the organizer Haier Smart Home not only facilitated the Open Intelligence Alliance (OLA Alliance) and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) to reach a strategic cooperation intention, and released the first Casady Galaxy air conditioner demo product supporting OLA protocol, but also showed its core technology engine “Smart Home Brain” Smart Home Brain empowered high-order Intelligent scenes. This series of achievements fully demonstrates the industry influence and strength of Haier Smart Home as a global leader in smart home standards.


Promote the strategic cooperation between OLA and OCF to accelerate the unification of global smart home standards.


As long as we mention smart home standards, we have to mention the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). This world’s largest IoT standards organization has more than 400 corporate members including Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and other brands, and can be said to be pivotal in the global industry standards for smart home.


To reach a strategic cooperation intention with OCF, some people will surely wonder what is the origin of “OLA Alliance”? In fact, the OLA Alliance was founded by 24 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Sciences, together with industry giants such as Haier Smart Home, China Academy of Information and Communication, Baidu and China Mobile. Their goal is to solve the problems of technological innovation and platform interoperability in the domestic smart home field and build a global leading unified standard and industrial ecosystem.


As the executive vice president of OLA Alliance, Haier Smart Home has been shouldering the responsibility of accelerating the standard of Chinese brands to the sea, because nowadays the standard has risen to the national strategy, and whoever has mastered the standard has mastered the right to speak. This is the reason why Haier Smart hosted the OLA Summit and promoted the strategic cooperation between the OLA Alliance and OCF, and the OLA Secretariat expressed its hope that Haier Smart would empower the OLA Alliance with its rich experience in international standardization. The “cooperation” of these two interconnection standards giants can not only accelerate the domestic smart home industry standards and international convergence, but also provide domestic enterprises with a more global vision of standards-oriented, resource support, transformation ideas.


smart home


In addition, Haier Smart Home released the first demo product of Casady Galaxy air conditioner supporting OLA protocol on site, which will also provide a good reference for the whole industry’s technological innovation and experience upgrade. From the scene, based on the core capabilities of the wise home brain, this product can realize eight high-level intelligent scenarios such as smart sleep and age-friendly care, including 99% air sterilization, linking refrigerators and washing machines together with active services, etc., solving the pain points of past user experiences. When you sleep, it can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity according to the sleep data monitored by the smart pillow, and automatically turn on the fresh air to protect healthy sleep when the carbon dioxide concentration is too high.

With technological innovation as the cornerstone, Haier Smart Home continues to lead the global smart home standard.


Then why Haier Smart Home can contribute to this strategic cooperation intention?


The key lies in the fact that Haier Smart Home has always taken science and technology innovation as the cornerstone to continuously lead the global smart home standard and establish a unique industry influence.


Liu Jianguo, vice president and global chief digital technology officer of Haier Smart Home, said at the summit forum site: At present, Haier Smart Home is the enterprise with the most leading smart home standards in the Chinese industry, and has formed an international and domestic “3+2” standard layout. In the international arena, Haier Smart Home is a member of the OCF Board of Directors, as well as the Matter Smart Home Appliance Working Group, Smart Home IEEE International Standard Smart Home System and Ecology and other four working groups chairman; in the domestic, he is the Smart Home Appliance Sub-Technical Committee Secretariat unit, the only founding member of the domestic OLA Open Intelligence Alliance industry.


And the reason why the global industry, standards organizations recognized, naturally and Haier Smart Home industry leading strength inseparable. You know, from 15 years ago Haier Smart Home began to explore the field of smart home, and 6 years ago officially launched, and now has entered a comprehensive harvest period. On September 9, Haier Jijiya’s scene brand Three Wings Bird released a “one-stop customized smart home” platform, bringing one-stop customized services covering home decoration, home, home appliances and home life, further reflecting Haier Jiya’s leadership in the field of smart home.


Where does this leadership come from?


Technology innovation is the key. Wang Ye, vice president of Haier Smart Home ecological platform and general manager of global advanced research and development, revealed a new concept – infinite experience research and development model. This model “research and development is not only the product, but also the experience, and there is only the starting point of research and development, there is no end”. What does it mean? This is because Haier wisdom home with global R & D center and open ecological innovation system, no matter how the user needs change, can always mobilize global high-quality R & D resources to innovation, to meet, promote technology patent, patent standardization, standard internationalization. The changes in user needs are infinite, which means that Haier’s technological innovation is also infinite, and the new experience it brings is also infinite.


The trend of the times is changing, user needs are upgrading, how to crack the problem of smart home, real landing is not only the challenge of the industry, but also the responsibility of every enterprise. Over the years, Haier Smart Home has achieved a series of achievements, which not only solidified its position as the global smart home industry leader, but also accelerated the global smart home industry to move forward.

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