The impact of artificial intelligence on smart homes

liu, tempo Date: 2021-08-12 09:58:37
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After a few years of incubation and concept popularization, artificial intelligence has indeed broken into People’s Daily life, and constantly refresh users’ cognition and experience of “intelligent life”. Finance, healthcare, education, decoration, media… As long as we can think of the industry, are actively realizing the integration with artificial intelligence technology, and most people are the most concerned about the smart home industry, many “bull” also predicted that smart home will become the next tuyere.


With the maturity of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is relatively widely used in speech recognition, image recognition and other basic technologies, will become the standard configuration of smart home. At present, the application of artificial intelligence in the field of smart home is at a very low stage, which controls the switch and use of some intelligent hardware through intelligent identification. Next stage: Smart home or wearable device will get the data through the artificial intelligence device feedback to the user, to give people a judgment basis. However, in the final order, the artificial intelligence will actively search to determine the owner’s current state, and provide corresponding auxiliary work.

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Artificial intelligence will give home appliances the ability to think actively, so that home appliances can ‘understand you’ and ‘serve you’. The so-called “understand you” is to perceive people’s needs, have the ability to think, make decisions and reason; ‘Serving you’ is being able to execute and meet your needs.


From the perspective of the user experience, in the television, for example to illustrate the changes in the artificial intelligence: the manipulation of the TV set has been from the earliest physical button evolved to remote control, the current set-top boxes are actually loaded the search technology, but still not so natural and convenient, the future of TV interface should be user can freely talk to it. In fact, this kind of TV has already appeared. The newly launched artificial intelligence TV on the market has changed the rigid voice interaction mode of voice-controlled TV before, and can realize natural language interaction, so that users can have a simple dialogue with TV, and provide users with the content they need and solve their pain points through cloud big data.


But at present product of overwhelming majority home appliance still stays in simple intelligent level, need user to its “inculcate instruction”, for example, people says to air conditioning remote control machine “boot”, “shut down”, the movie name that says some movie to TV remote control machine will search movie source to wait, home appliance is “passive”. Smart home layout has begun to close to the end, the real curtain is also about to open. When artificial intelligence and intelligent home fully integrated, and fully applied, the real era of intelligent home will really come, it will bring completely subversive changes to People’s Daily life.

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