The relationship between AI and Internet of Things

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As the country regards the development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things as a national strategy, more and more concepts of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have been repeatedly proposed in various media. But what exactly are artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things? What is the relationship between the two? What kind of relationship and difference exist between the two? Because the concept is relatively abstract, most people don’t have a very clear concept. Today, Liu Ming, general manager of Shanghai Minggang Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. uses this easy-to-understand article to give Let us popularize relevant knowledge.



In fact, to put it simply, the Internet of Things is mainly to control the communication between the terminal and the chip. Artificial Intelligence is mainly the algorithm. The Internet of Things is where terminals with different protocols exchange information and cooperate to complete one thing through a certain agreed protocol. It is a smarter algorithm that keeps self-learning and makes knowledge more and more.


artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things


Artificial intelligence is similar to software and requires the Internet of Things as a carrier. The Internet of Things is similar to hardware and needs to be driven by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence needs to land applications as a carrier, and the Internet of Things is one of the most important carriers. At the same time, IoT sensing devices can collect and generate a large amount of data every day. How to use these data and analyze the data has become a problem. With the development of artificial intelligence, some artificial intelligence analysis methods can be introduced. Artificial intelligence is facing the Internet of Things. Data problems provide the best solution. Artificial intelligence uses powerful data analysis capabilities to make the best decisions with the help of humans. Artificial intelligence integrates with the Internet of Things and uses artificial intelligence to analyze data in real time. Internet of Things device terminals Is entering our thousands of households.



The simplest example of equipment: voice speakers and mobile phone voice assistants are IoT terminal devices based on natural voice processing technology. IoT home cameras also rely heavily on computer vision technology for real-time monitoring functions. Only with the help of artificial intelligence technology can these IoT devices truly exert their superiority. The relationship between the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence is a relationship that complements each other, goes hand in hand, and depends on each other.



Collects information through Internet of Things sensing devices, uses network layer big data cloud storage and artificial intelligence algorithms to numerically manage various Internet of Things execution devices, and establishes a complete set of building spaces. The Internet of Things digital management solution has been widely used in school space, office space, commercial space, and villa space.
Through this set of Internet of Things solutions, the building space is more comfortable, and the equipment in the building is managed through rational use Resources can achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. The active security management in the building is increased through IoT sensors and edge computing cameras, and the management of buildings through various IoT control terminals (PC, mobile, etc.) is more centralized and convenient.

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