Top ten forecasts: what will happen to the world before 2025

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1、 Robots will replace humans

According to a report by the guardian, robots will replace 6% of humans in the U.S. market by 2021. Retail, transportation and health care were the most affected industries. In the future, we will see robots driving cars and accepting orders as salespeople.


2、 The Internet of things will affect all aspects of our lives

The future will see the role of the Internet of things in your home automation. For example, you will be able to set the temperature of your home and automate its ventilation system, or install an Internet of things security system to allow outsiders to enter your home. Similarly, you will commute by driverless car and guide you throughout the journey. In addition, smart cities controlled by sensors will appear, and the central government will supervise these systems according to the existing data.


3、 There will be more electric cars on the road

The recovery of electric vehicles has led many car companies to invest in this ancient concept. Tesla is currently the leading company in this competition. As a pioneer of modern cars that rely on electricity, Tesla inspired many other car companies to make electric vehicles. The most striking include Nissan, Chevrolet and Volkswagen. There will be more electric vehicles on the road in the future. By 2025, it may become the main mode of transportation.


Artificial intelligence


4、 DNA mapping will help medical experts treat diseases

DNA mapping makes it easier for medical experts to use DNA samples to identify people’s diseases. The development of this technology makes it a better alternative to blood analysis to determine whether there are any diseases in people of the same descent. In the next few years, DNA mapping will become the main source for medical experts to diagnose and treat family diseases.


5、 Artificial intelligence will provide convenience for users

Today, artificial intelligence is integrated into many software to facilitate users. Adaptive learning is a good example of how today’s automated systems are used to automate the learning process. On the other hand, companies are using chat robots to connect with their audience on social media. The company will use chat robots to communicate with users. The chat robot can automatically respond to users’ queries, receive feedback and broadcast information.


6、 There will be more long-distance transmission experiments

Imagine a world where you can move from one place to another without any physical space. Just to let you know that transmission existed as a concept in 1878. 2025 will be a year when long-distance transmission test will be carried out at full speed. If it succeeds, it will be another great leap in science.


7、 There will be better ways to treat fatal diseases

By 2025, we will see the beginning of better treatment of cancer diseases. There will be more effective drugs with less harmful effects on the human body. The progress of medical science will minimize the sequelae of cancer treatment.


By 2025, there will be more effective treatments to cure cancer cells. Gene mutation will enable cancer patients to receive more accurate medical procedures and reduce the risk of cancer having dangerous effects in the body.


8、 Digital currency will become the mainstream

With more and more people trading through cryptocurrency, the prospect of digital currency looks good. According to industry data, as of September 1, 2020, there were 9521 bitcoin ATMs in the world. In addition, the recent surge in the exchange rate of cryptocurrency has increased its value as a potential investment commodity. Considering the growing influence of cryptocurrency in the financial market, we can predict that it will become the mainstream by 2025.


9、 Augmented reality technology will change the world

Today, augmented reality has become a reality and the next big event in the science and technology industry. Some big brand businesses use augmented reality technology in their applications to help their customers decide the right furniture for their home or office space.


Similarly, we have seen many game applications enter the market with augmented reality as the main function. With the continuous development of this technology, augmented reality technology will have the potential to change our world in 2025.


10、 Solar energy will be everywhere

Solar energy has entered people’s homes, but it is still not fully used. By the end of 2025, more people will use solar light as a source of energy. Solar cars and planes are the next target, and many companies are also investing in the project.

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