What are the aspects of AI & IoT?

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AIoT has gradually become known to more people, and it has also been mentioned several times in different industries on different occasions. So,what exactly is AIoT ? What can AIoT do? Today, we will also make a simple science popularization for everyone with our superficial knowledge.

1. What is AIoT?

The full name of AIoT in English is The Artificial Intelligence of Things. It can be easily seen from the name. It is a converged application of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). AI can empower IoT. More efficient application results will transform IoT data into effective information, and accordingly improve its decision-making process, improve the human-computer interaction experience, and enhance data management and analysis. Of course, while artificial intelligence adds value to the Internet of Things through deep learning, the Internet of Things also increases the utility of artificial intelligence through all things connection, signal and data exchange, so AIoT is mutually beneficial for both artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies.


To put it more vividly, the Internet of Things makes everything connected, but it also stays at the “connected” stage, while the intervention of AI gives IoT a “brain” and gives the Internet of Things the “wisdom” to connect. How does it think? The connection is more appropriate and how to connect more efficiently, from the interconnection of all things to the intelligent connection of all things; while the Internet of Things has brought the word “floating in the air” of artificial intelligence to the “ground”, giving AI a broader development “fertile soil”. Push AI from “artificial intelligence” to “applied intelligence”.


2. What can AIoT do?


When it comes to AIoT, it seems to always be accompanied by smart homes, but AIoT can do much more than smart homes.


In fact, as the Internet of Things gradually penetrates into major industries, more and more unstructured data centered on people and things will be generated. AIoT can provide data analysis solutions based on the data generated by the Internet of Things. Creating value is also the key core of the digital economy. For AI, AIoT can embed the technology into various infrastructure components, such as programs, chips, or edge computing, etc. API is used to expand the interoperability between different levels of software, hardware, and platforms. And AI-related units focus on optimizing system and network operations and extracting value from data.




At the application level, AIoT has been applied in many fields such as security, parks, and retail.

1) Smart Security


According to publicly available data, as of September 2017, the number of video surveillance cameras installed in public services across the country has reached 30 million; in the past two years, with the development of the Xueliang project and the Skynet project, the number of cameras now is difficult to predict. It’s hard to estimate how much unstructured data these connected cameras generate every day. How to further tap the content value involved in video images? How to advance the camera from “visible and clear” to “understandable”? In this process, the technology of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things is indispensable.


For example, the smart public security solution of Geling Deep Eye can integrate the face, human body, vehicle, and non-motor vehicle in the video image, and convert the data into full-target structured data such as people/vehicles/faces/objects, which is the upper layer The application provides services such as data support and data governance, and realizes more in-depth intelligent mining of massive video content, and realizes early prevention and precise attack of cases; at the same time, similar technologies can also be applied to smart transportation, which can analyze traffic through video images. Congestion status and traffic flow, human flow, etc., are superimposed on practical means such as traffic lights on the basis of data analysis to optimize urban traffic paths and improve congestion.


2) Smart retail


For safety considerations, the current camera and other retail has become even lock base configuration store, how to let it play a security role more effective than the store to enhance sales? Transform fragmented data into an effective digital economy?


With AIoT technology as the core, Geling Deep Eye can create a unique ID for users through face recognition , and use face clustering technology to label user information, enter the store to become a member, and enter the field to archive; in addition, based on face trajectory, etc. Technology can effectively understand user behaviors, provide regional movement lines, heat maps, etc., enrich customer portraits more abundantly, and use data as the basis to reconstruct retail people-goods-market ecology, helping companies achieve precise marketing and achieve brand value-added.


3) Smart Park


With people as the core, Smart Park builds a management and control system that focuses on personnel and innovates social security prevention and control methods through refined business processes such as full-time clustering, trajectory of people and vehicles, and security deployment control. For example, according to the attributes and needs of the park, community archives, security prevention and control, abnormal alarms, massive face retrieval, trajectory positioning, smart properties, access control, etc. can be realized.


Of course, AIoT can do much more than that. Geling Shentong is always exploring with many partners to provide users with a broader and more efficient AI IoT-related solutions.

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