What benefits can IOT automation bring to farmers?

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Smart agriculture is closely related to Internet of things technology. The development of technology promotes the progress of smart agriculture. Nowadays, the domestic Internet of things equipment covers the processes of agricultural production, environmental supervision, resource utilization and sales of agricultural products, covering many fields such as greenhouse planting, edible fungi planting, fishery breeding and tea planting, providing convenience for farmers.


For people in non-agricultural industries, there are few opportunities to contact the Agricultural Internet of things, and they know little about the automation technology of the Internet of things, which inevitably leads to misunderstandings. In fact, with the development of Agricultural Internet of things technology becoming more and more mature, remote detection system, wireless sensor system, data acquisition and storage cloud platform, data analysis and modeling and expert system have been used very skillfully in many places.


The most commonly used devices for IOT automation include GPS positioning system, sensors, electronic labels, geographic information system and laser scanner. Farmers use these devices to carry out real-time monitoring, network connection and interactive operation of goods, and have achieved good results in information collection in chemistry, electricity, light, location and sound.


IOT automation


Taking Fujian as an example, the local tea is well-known, which depends not only on the high quality of tea itself, but also on the high efficiency of production. In Nanping, Fujian Province, a number of intelligent tea gardens and tea factories with comprehensive systems have been established. Among so many similar types of tea, the key to why Nanping tea can win the favor of the market and consumers is to grasp the shopping mentality of consumers.


Internet of things technology is the product of helping agricultural products go out in the right direction of the times. What does tea pay attention to? The first is the gloss of tea, the second is whether tea smells fragrant, the third is to ask the origin and variety of tea, and the fourth is brewing and tasting to identify whether it is really worth spending money.


Through this “looking, smelling and brewing”, we can set the grade for a tea. Many consumers don’t know how to distinguish. They can only look at the origin of tea. How can they avoid being fooled by the store and understand the real origin of tea? Or back to the issue of traceability.


Internet of things technology brings reassurance to both producers and consumers. First, producers set up Internet of things equipment in the tea garden, such as Agrometeorological monitoring station, insect monitoring lamp and physical insect killing lamp, intelligent irrigation system. These equipment can monitor in real time and upload the data to the cloud for reference, and then use the computer The tablet and mobile platform can be remotely controlled or controlled through big data automation, so as to save water, fertilize and kill insects.


Secondly, sensors are set in the production workshop to monitor the internal environmental conditions in real time, so as to avoid the impact of the production environment on the quality of tea; High definition cameras are set in the tea garden for real-time monitoring, and the visual interface of the cloud platform is used to display the tea garden, picking and tea production process. Combined with blockchain technology, tea traceability is provided to ensure the safety and security of consumers.


The iterative upgrading of Internet of things equipment and technology can improve and promote the competition mode of agricultural product market, traceability supervision, improve the quality of agricultural products as a whole, and the phenomenon of bad money expelling good money will gradually disappear. In the long run, it will be beneficial to farmers’ income.

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