What is the Internet of Things? Vernacular Internet of Things

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First of all, the Internet of Things is not a thing. It is a lot of things, the Internet Of Things, is an Internet of things connected together. Some people say that this is the third revolution in the information science and technology industry. After experiencing the Internet and mobile Internet in the PC era, the next era is bound to be the era of the Internet of Everything.


Humans always have a vision, hoping to strengthen the connection of things and the like, and can easily control, manage and use them. The Internet age has strengthened the connection between people and made the world not far away. In the era of the Internet of Things, the connection between people and things will be strengthened, and the world will begin to move.


Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is the Internet of Everything, the Internet of Things. It can be your mobile phone and things, computers and things, or things and things. The sum of its calculations will be hundreds and thousands of times that of the PC and mobile Internet era. So the Internet of Things is a big future, because it has broad market prospects and potential. If you did not seize the opportunity in the PC era, the mobile Internet era, or the Internet of Things era, you have a brand new future. The key is whether you work hard.


The Internet of Things is the use of communication technology to collect relevant information from what you can see or things you can’t see (such as air temperature and humidity, etc.) through sensor devices, and then transmit to the Internet through wired or wireless signals through the Internet of Things nodes. The central processing system (server or computer), after big data analysis and processing, obtains the relevant information that people want (reflected by mobile phone APP or computer application). Then the corresponding terminal equipment (may be an air-conditioning refrigerator, an industrial robot, or an agricultural spraying system with fixed humidity at regular intervals) can be controlled based on the information.


The Internet of Things (IOT) can do many things. With the help of artificial intelligence and big data analysis, it can solve a lot of tasks that ordinary humans cannot do. The Internet of Things will play a role in important fields such as smart cities, industrial intelligence, agricultural industries, and smart homes. Improve production efficiency and improve the quality of life. Of course, the Internet of Things has a very wide range of uses, involving smart logistics, smart transportation, autonomous driving, environmental protection, government work, public safety, smart fire protection, industrial monitoring, elderly care, personal health, flower cultivation, water system monitoring, food traceability, intelligent power, intelligence collection and other fields.

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