5 years of artificial intelligence: Have you been surrounded by AI?

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“Some of the daily reminders you receive from government departments are actually sent by AI; “Sometimes when you get a call from a bank, the first half of the call is actually an AI voice, and when you say you want to know, it goes to a real person, but you don’t know.” An enterprise person who provides AI technology services to the government and banks told reporters.


Many people do not know that artificial intelligence has penetrated into our lives. Douyin, Taobao, JD.com and others have made extensive use of AI technology. In addition, at the Recently concluded World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021, we observed that the landing speed of artificial intelligence technology has been accelerating in recent years. Industrial manufacturing, finance, government affairs, Internet, and service industries have seen large areas of AI applications.


AI practitioners and industry insiders told reporters that because AI technology can indeed reduce costs and increase efficiency, so the TRANSFORMATION of AI in all walks of life “smooth things quietly”, some of the AI transformation occurring at the internal level of enterprises, but not known by the general public.


Why is the AI transformation the choice of most enterprises? In what ways is AI changing and affecting our lives?


“Moisten things quietly”


Artificial Intelligence


How does AI enter people’s lives?


In the past five years, industrial innovation based on AI technology has crept into people’s lives. Douyin, founded in 2016, pushes videos to users based on AI algorithm, which forms a “dimension reduction blow” to traditional video websites. Since 2017, the “face checking” machine based on AI face recognition technology has been widely used in railway stations and airports; Taobao, JD and other e-commerce platforms use AI algorithm to optimize product recommendation, and the “content you may be interested in” on the website is also presented based on AI algorithm…


For most ordinary people, when it comes to artificial intelligence, the image of intelligent robots will emerge in their eyes. When it comes to enterprises using AI technology, many people will first think of high-tech enterprises and Internet companies.


In fact, a lot of AI technology is “non-perceptive” to c-end users, but it also has a real impact on people’s lives.


“We mainly do calls and text messages for private domain traffic.” “The customers are mainly government departments and banks. Customers using our technology because they have a huge customer groups’ private domain flow, send text messages will be very trouble, if the traditional way of using artificial intelligence technology can quickly analyze the text to send what kind of people, so sometimes you receive government departments to remind message may be sent by AI robots.”


Artificial intelligence technology is also widely used in customer service scenarios. “Most of the time, customers come in through text problems. At this time, they may use artificial intelligence for some pre-processing to understand the initial intentions of users. When the dialogue to a level, or is difficult, or need higher authorization, you need to transfer it to a specific have corresponding professional customer service staff to deal with, through the event recognition and chats on the background and history, through the operator can quickly understand the current when it comes to what extent, can continue to communicate. The process is impersonal to the customer and the demand continues to be handled naturally.” The person in charge of jingdong technology intelligent customer service product department told reporters.


“Using AI algorithms to analyze historical data can help many e-commerce companies reduce delivery times.” At the exhibition, an AI engineer from a technology company told reporters, “Based on historical data, we can analyze which region will need what kind of goods at what time, so that e-commerce companies can prepare goods in advance in the region, and customers can directly deliver goods after placing orders, thus greatly increasing efficiency. This is why we often sigh with ‘fast delivery’, which is actually supported by artificial intelligence technology.”


AI five Years:


From the top design to the landing industry, from the laboratory to the company


Many AI companies were founded between 2016 and 2018, and the RESEARCH and development of AI products of some traditional companies also started around 2016. According to this calculation, the rapid development of AI in China has basically taken about five years.


In terms of investment and financing, AI experienced a process from hot to gradually cooling down and returning to rationality. The number of financing events on AI tracks remained above 900 from 2016 to 2018, according to Qichum data, and declined from 2019 to 2020, but remained above 500.


In the early stage of development, AI mostly stayed in the ivory tower of the laboratory, but in recent years, AI technology has gradually landed. “When we look at a lot of ai exhibitions and demonstrations over the past few years, we see all kinds of cool technologies and applications. There was a sense in the gallery this year that we weren’t seeing so much glamour, and that these technologies were starting to be used in a lot of industries.” Hu Houkun, huawei’s rotating chairman, said at the opening ceremony of the World Ai Conference 2021.


Most of the AI companies at the show were founded out of real need, despite the impetuous rush to raise money.


What is the future of AI technology that empowers various industries?


“A lot of repetitive manual work and a limited range of knowledge are suitable for AI,” many companies said. When it comes to the future use of AI, several companies said this trend will continue as AI technology becomes more and more bottom-tier. “There are very few companies that don’t use AI at all,” they said.


The reporter found that THE application of AI covers almost every industry: industrial manufacturing, agriculture, finance, government affairs, Internet, service industry and so on. The scope of artificial intelligence is no longer limited to the previous face recognition, speech recognition, but increasingly deepen to natural language processing, knowledge mapping, human-computer interaction, big data processing, privacy computing and so on.


Which AI technologies are likely to have disruptive effects in the future? Regarding this, Mei Tao, vice president of JINGdong Group, said in an interview with reporters that the digital person may be one of them.


At the opening ceremony of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021, four virtual “digital people” appeared on the stage with the real host, they are Bilibili virtual idol Ling Yuan, Baidu’s Xiao Du, Xiaomi’s Xiao Ai Student and Microsoft’s Xiao Ice. “Taking JD.com’s own digital people as an example, digital people include both 2D and 3D cartoon digital people as well as real digital people. Digital human involves a wide range of technologies, from visual and speech recognition to speech synthesis and dialogue, and even graphics. The future we hope to get some digital one can truly tasks, such as chatting with child, accompany the old man, citizen hotline, intelligent customer service, etc., we based on the rich experience of jingdong smart customer service in electricity market view, to build their features of digital people, hope that the next one to two years to form the standardization of mature services. As you can see, there are a lot of startups doing digital people. After several years of development, it can be said that digital people technology and products are about to explode.” “Said Mei tao.


“We hope that the models, technologies and products of artificial intelligence in the future will have a certain degree of interpretability and reliability. If it is not well identified today, it should tell others why it is not well identified. Can we make it smarter by the feedback of this data? Even machines can learn by themselves. The technological advances of the last 10 years are comparable to those of the last 30, 50 years, and at this rate of development, the future is inconceivable.” MeiTao said.

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