AI is hot, but what is AI? It’s easy for you to understand in two minutes

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What is AI?The popular explanation of AI is artificial intelligence, which is one of the links in the computer field. It makes intelligent devices by fitting human thoughts and reactions through technology. At present, the main research objects are robot, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert system, such as intelligent speaker, which is to design language recognition.


AI is another manifestation of human thinking

We can think about why we need AI in real life, or what we do with AI, and what its practical purpose is. In fact, it’s easy to think of one point: help us. In life, we need the help of friends, family and strangers, but when there is no one around us, we may need the help of a “person” in other forms, and AI is born.


The purpose of AI we just talked about is to “replace people”, so a premise of AI technology is to imitate humans, that is, to think according to people’s way of thinking. However, as a computer technology, AI needs to imitate human thinking mode based on computer program and think with human thinking.


 what is AI


AI is a simulation application of human response

When AI faces a problem, it simulates people’s thinking through computer programs, and then responds, which is a complete system. The reason why AI is so popular is that AI’s response can solve the disadvantages of artificial.


In modern chemical plants, many processes take intelligent robots as the main force to build products. The engineering application of AI greatly reduces the probability of manual error. But one of the prerequisites involved is that there are no bugs in the computer program. Therefore, there will also be a disadvantage, that is, mechanized repetition. When an unexpected event occurs, there is no solution to this problem in the machine setting, so it is likely to cause the system crash.


AI is a learning computer application

Previously, we used bionics to simulate birds to make airplanes, but now we use bionics to simulate humans to make AI, which is not only a change, but also an improvement. In making aircraft, we think about how to improve speed. In AI, we think about how to be more like people.


When an event occurs, human beings will think about how to solve it and act for it, but the response of human beings may not be the optimal solution, so another advantage of AI is to make the most reasonable processing by using massive data. This means that AI can progress and learn.


We can imagine the future. When we call our artificial intelligence device, it does not simply mechanically answer your questions. It can form a continuous dialogue with you, reflect from the perspective of a “friend” and find the optimal solution for you. This is part of the practical application of AI. Other applications also need our human innovation to create our artificial intelligence on the premise of human beings.

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