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What is Artificial Intelligence?
The answer to this question would depend on who you ask. A layman, with a fleeting understanding of technology, would link it to robots. If you ask about artificial intelligence to an AI researcher, (s)he would say that it’s a set of algorithms that can produce results without having to be explicitly instructed to do so. Both of these answers are right. So to summarize, Artificial Intelligence is:


1,An intelligent entity created by humans.
2,Capable of performing tasks intelligently without being explicitly instructed.
3,Capable of thinking and acting rationally and humanely.


What is Artificial Intelligence

At the core of Artificial Intelligence, it is a branch of computer science that aims to create or replicate human intelligence in machines. But what makes a machine intelligent? Many AI systems are powered with the help of machine learning and deep learning algorithms.


AI is constantly evolving, what was considered to be part of AI in the past may now just be looked at as a computer function. For example, a calculator may have been considered to be a part of AI in the past. Now, it is considered to be a simple function. Similarly, there are various levels of AI, let us understand those.


Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?
The goal of Artificial Intelligence is to aid human capabilities and help us make advanced decisions with far-reaching consequences. From a technical standpoint, that is the main goal of AI. When we look at the importance of AI from a more philosophical perspective, we can say that it has the potential to help humans live more meaningful lives that are devoid of hard labour. AI can also help manage the complex web of interconnected individuals, companies, states and nations to function in a manner that’s beneficial to all of humanity.


Currently, Artificial Intelligence is shared by all the different tools and techniques have been invented by us over the last thousand years – to simplify human effort, and to help us make better decisions. Artificial Intelligence is one such creation that will help us in further inventing ground-breaking tools and services that would exponentially change how we lead our lives, by hopefully removing strife, inequality and human suffering.


We are still a long way from those kinds of outcomes. But it may come around in the future. Artificial Intelligence is currently being used mostly by companies to improve their process efficiencies, automate resource-heavy tasks, and to make business predictions based on data available to us. As you see, AI is significant to us in several ways. It is creating new opportunities in the world, helping us improve our productivity, and so much more.

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