Artificial intelligence will also make music Google launched piano robot AI Duet

liu, tempo Date: 2021-08-11 10:01:06
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As the latest experiment in artificial intelligence, Google has recently launched a piano robot. It can recognize the melody you play and will try to give you a response.


The robot is called AI Duet, and is the latest research of Google’s Creative Lab. This laboratory was established to help the general public familiar with artificial intelligence, its results can be very realistic simulation of a variety of human behavior, and can even create art.


AI Duet takes notes that you hit on a computer keyboard and uses machine learning techniques to identify them in a class of neural networks to find the melodic patterns. Then, there is the possibility of generating some musical melodies on its own to respond to you. And it can do this solely because it can understand concepts like timing and pitch from a hard data perspective, not that there is any program that will mechanically teach it how to respond.


AI Duet


In addition to the lab mentioned above, involved in the development of this robot are Yotam Man, a well-known musician and computer scientist, and Magenta, Google’s open-source computational music and art project.


In fact, AI Duet doesn’t deliberately respond to you through music, because its melodies are all random. Usually, you also don’t have to take the melodies it generates and split them up, section by section, to see if they can make up a particular song. Of course, if you’re a professional musician, that’s not impossible.


No matter how useful AI Duet is in real life, it is another big innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. In fact, in addition to this robot, Google has many other experiments in music, such as a super amazing drumming machine and a mobile app that uses image recognition and a voice synthesizer to sing rap.


These web browser tools, are all part of Google’s innovation projects, such as Magenta and Innovation Lab. The company hopes to use these projects to research AI tools that are free to use for the benefit of the general public. In particular, it is using powerful AI learning software to bring new and wonderful experiences for those independent producers and music lovers to use.

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