Current status and future potential of artificial intelligence

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Let’s take a look at the current status and future trends of artificial intelligence in the application and deployment of the Internet of Things. With the development and application of artificial intelligence technology in the Internet of Things scenario, the application of the Internet of Things continues to expand, specifically to smart homes, smart communities, smart driving, smart security, smart travel, etc., but also show more diversification and liberalization. This trend will certainly not change in the future, that is, machines can be connected with artificial intelligence to form an intelligent body from “machine” to “human”.


The Internet has entered a golden age, and almost all Internet companies are deploying the Internet of Things and its industrial. How to make good use of this opportunity to seize the wave of the fourth technological revolution? Artificial intelligence is gradually making the Internet of Things intelligent. Internet vs Internet of Things is a kind of integration of the Internet and the traditional Internet, and an inevitable transition between the traditional Internet and the Internet of Things.


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The difference between the Internet of Things and the Internet is that the Internet of Things is the Internet that connects all things, and the Internet is the traditional Internet that connects all things. This fusion has two meanings: the Internet of Things connects ordinary people, and the Internet connects productivity. The Internet of Things brings people closer to things, and the Internet brings people closer to machines. Data Intelligence At present, the analysis of the future trend of the Internet of Things vs. the Internet can be analyzed from the following four dimensions: (1) Internet of Things vs the Internet: Smart homes can be said to be the forefront of artificial intelligence in the application of the Internet of Things.


It can provide users with flexible services, allowing users to enjoy more convenient services in the Internet of Things environment. Compared with Internet of Things thinking, Internet thinking is to find the connection points between people, machines and interactive devices from the Internet, and build an information service, which includes everything from finance, logistics, games, media, etc. – an innovative service model that uses the Internet to connect various devices to provide services. Through the innovative service methods of Internet thinking, the Internet provides more complete services, allowing the Internet of Things to be implemented in real work and life scenarios.


The financial field is a typical application field of the Internet of Things. At present, major institutions have deployed the Internet of Things, not only for their own understanding of the Internet of Things, but also a kind of thinking about the scenarios and applications. The scene of the financial industry has successfully painted a beautiful picture of the Internet of Things connection for us in the fields of Internet social networking and games. (2) Artificial intelligence vs the Internet: The application of artificial intelligence in the financial and gaming fields is already a mature field. The financial field uses the Internet of Things to achieve more applications of artificial intelligence. In the financial field, the Internet of Things + finance is an inevitable trend in the future.


Users can interact with financial service personnel in real time using their mobile phones to realize innovative services of Internet + finance. (3) Cloud computing vs. Internet of Things: The Internet of Things has become the trend of development in the industry 4.0 because Iot devices are far beyond imagination in terms of quantity, intelligence, utilization and service. People’s lives have changed from mechanization and automation to intelligence to advance towards globalization and networking.

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