Data intelligence, business AI, trusted AI… World AI conference to explore the “wind direction”

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The annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference has always been regarded as a bellwether for the global AI industry. In this year’s event, what is the “wind direction” worth paying attention to?

Data intelligence: driving the digital transformation of industry and finance
If the financial industry in transition is likened to a car, the quality of the data fuel will directly determine the performance of the decision engine. How to use artificial intelligence to break the data island and deal with various decision-making scenarios of industry and finance digitalization?

Shen Xin, founder and president of Databank Technology, said in the “Data Intelligence, Link Future” sub-forum that with the data demand from “process automation” to “intelligent decision-making”, the realization of a complete dynamic panoramic portrait of the industry to the enterprise has become the basic goal of industry and finance digital decision-making. Databank Technology uses industry graph and enterprise graph to build the application scenario of “precision marketing + intelligent risk control”, which can help banks achieve accurate customer acquisition and the whole process control of risk identification, transmission and disposal, and accelerate the digital transformation of corporate business.

With the support of the self-built AI supercomputer “Firefly”, the quantitative model is using alternative data such as market data, financial data of listed companies and industrial chain information to price stocks through deep learning, said Xu Jin, partner of magic square quantization. Li Luodan, deputy director of Harvest Fund Research Department, said that with the central data platform as the core and man-machine collaboration as the path, the investment and research data intelligence plays a role in improving the ability to capture opportunities and risks in active investment.

Participants in the forum said that data intelligence will become the core driving force in the process of digital transformation of industry and finance.

World Artificial Intelligence Conference
Business AI: Putting the finishing touch on business operations

For retail enterprises and financial institutions, the strategic focus from “operating products” to “operating users” has become an inevitable trend. But with huge investment of money and manpower, why is it still difficult to solve the “pain points” of high customer acquisition cost, low conversion rate and low repurchase rate?

The “Business AI Summit Forum”, which made its debut at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, tried to give an answer: the transformation of traditional enterprises depends on the support of intelligent operational decision brain.
“As the underlying core technology of business decision making, the advantage of business AI is that it can accurately find the causal relationship between economic growth, so as to predict the future and make decisions, and ‘make the finishing touch’ for enterprise operation.” Colon Technology founder Song Bilian said.

Song Bilian revealed that Colon Technology’s intelligent operation and decision robot “AI Operation Officer” has an intelligent operation and decision brain composed of hundreds of AI algorithms, as well as five centers such as data processing and business opportunity transformation, which can realize full life cycle intelligent operations such as rights optimization and cost optimization for private traffic.

In the eyes of Guan Weiyong, president of the Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics, the new development pattern is changing the way to tap business value. The wide application of commercial AI technology is expected to press the “fast forward button” for the digital transformation of various industries.

Trusted AI: Stick to technology for good

How to ensure the security, trustworthiness and fairness of the increasingly widespread application of artificial intelligence? Trusted AI is seen as the key to resisting risk and achieving “universal benefits” in technology in the digital age.

Ant group vice President, chief on lacquer in BBS “ trusted AI scientists, according to the group officially launched in trusted AI technology system deployment of” smart confrontation “technology, can use” and “hands exercises mechanism, let black production of its own attack AI simulation, so as to realize the automatic of risk identification and fighting ability evolution to upgrade. At present, “intelligent countermeasure” technology has covered Alipay risk control of anti-fraud, transaction security and other scenarios.

The forum, together with more than 20 institutions, organizations and enterprises, released the “Initiative to Promote Trusted AI Development” for the world, calling on the industry to adhere to the technology of good, to ensure that trusted AI benefits mankind; Adhere to the sharing of rights and responsibilities, and promote the value of trusted AI; Adhere to healthy and orderly, promote trusted AI industry practic

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