Humans worry about artificial intelligence, so where is the danger of artificial intelligence?

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Social science and technology leaders such as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have said that artificial intelligence could destroy the human race, so should we be vigilant about artificial intelligence and avoid the terminator and other science fiction movies in which artificial intelligence becomes the biggest threat to human existence?


Someone is put forward, in the development of artificial intelligence will have a singularity, across the singularity can pass the Turing test, when across the singularity of artificial intelligence, science and technology will burst, instant consciousness, can quickly absorb the human civilization, and based on a lot of data to develop “their” civilization, threat or that humans to choose to destroy.


As it stands, the concerns of industry researchers about AI are mainly about controllability, but also about human unemployment and ethics (my robot girlfriend and the like).


This has to mention “strong artificial intelligence” and “weak artificial intelligence” these two views.


The strong AI view holds that it is possible to build truly intelligent machines that can reason and solve problems. It requires a program that has a mind of its own, can understand external things, and make decisions and actions. It must behave like a “human”, and may even exhibit unique, idiot-varying responses.


artificial intelligence


But the current application of artificial intelligence is actually quite primitive, although in the graphics, text, voice and other recognition looks quite intelligent, but also just looks, are based on algorithms from the database, which is not the real sense of “intelligence”. A typical Siri application, for example, recognises speech, then uses an algorithm to convert the voice into a set of eigenvalues, then finds the corresponding response in a database and presents it as text or speech. Based on the current answer made by artificial intelligence, in fact, is written by the programmer, rather than the machine spontaneously respond, the real understanding is the programmer, not the machine.


Artificial intelligence can only go so far, because today’s artificial intelligence is a simulation of human “intelligence”, the purpose is to help humans to complete some work, they are just according to the design of the program step by step, do not think of their own machines, The designers have no intention of making them think (and in fact don’t know how to make them think), so for now AI is nothing more than a tool in human life.


The fear that artificial intelligence will destroy human beings is still far away from us. At present, the research on AI is still very primitive, so primitive that all the research findings are based on the use of tools, and the industry leaders who are wary of the dangers of AI are concerned about strong AI, but as the leaders of social technology research and development, they are only weakening AI.

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