In the era of intelligent economy, the value of artificial intelligence lies in serving people

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2021 AI technology:In previous American blockbusters, the plot of intelligent robots dominating all mankind often appeared. After the robot “Alpha dog” defeated the world champion of mankind in the go game, people finally wondered: does the value of artificial intelligence lie in replacing or even surpassing people? In my opinion, the value of artificial intelligence lies not in replacing or surpassing people, but in serving people.


From the original intention of making artificial intelligence, the value of artificial intelligence lies in serving people. For a more convenient and safe life, people have created artificial intelligence: in order to make their selfie more beautiful, people use AI technology to show their flawless appearance perfectly, so that artificial intelligence can become our exclusive makeup artist and meet our love of beauty;


In order to avoid serious injury at work, people use robots instead of artificial to carry out some dangerous operations, so that artificial intelligence can be transformed into transformers to escort the safety of workers; In order to quickly understand the weather and national events, people use voice assistants to broadcast the weather and news, and turn artificial intelligence into an information announcer, so that we can know what happens outside without leaving home… Therefore, people create artificial intelligence to make our life more convenient and safe through the service of artificial intelligence, This is also the value of artificial intelligence.


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Even if artificial intelligence replaces or even surpasses people, these are not its existence value. At major diplomatic meetings, leaders of all countries can clearly use artificial intelligence translation for communication. But why should they bring the translator to the meeting and let the translator translate for them? Most of the reason is that the quality of a translator can often reflect the talent situation of different countries, and an excellent translator can also bring dignity and pride to the country.


When artificial intelligence completely surpasses people, for people, their existence is not only the embodiment of value, but the precursor of disaster. The law of “survival of the fittest” is enough to make people work for robots, and human disasters come… Therefore, the value of artificial intelligence does not lie in that it replaces or even surpasses people. When they cannot serve mankind, their value cannot be reflected.


Artificial intelligence constantly replaces and surpasses people in some aspects in order to create opportunities for people and serve people. Indeed, because of artificial intelligence, many factory workers were forced to be laid off, and many things that human beings can’t do directly have been realized. However, the value of artificial intelligence replacing and surpassing people is to bring convenience and service to mankind.


Although a large number of workers are unemployed because of artificial intelligence, the benefits brought by artificial intelligence to the factory are great. Moreover, when workers are forced to be laid off, they will realize that they must constantly make their own learning and progress in order to keep up with the development of the times, so as to bring more high-quality talents to the society and promote the progress of human society.


In a word, artificial intelligence serving people is not only the original intention of human creation, but also the purpose of artificial intelligence constantly replacing and surpassing people.

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