New VISION of AI: “Responsible AI”

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Interactive movies that can “think,” t-shirts that can “disappear” when you wear them, and containers that can be expanded and shrunk on demand. The 4th Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo (AIEXPO) kicked off in Suzhou on Monday, attracting a large number of innovative products from leading enterprises.


In the increasingly rich production and life scenes, artificial intelligence technology ushered in the application of the landing tide. Risk prevention, standardized management and other issues became the new focus of the participants. At the opening ceremony, under the promotion of the National New Generation OF artificial  intelligence Governance Professional Committee, Baidu, Huawei and other key enterprises jointly signed the “New generation of artificial  intelligence governance principles — the development of responsible artificial intelligence” letter of commitment, commitment under the guidance of governance principles, innovation and order parallel, the development of responsible artificial intelligence.


A movie has different plots for different audiences

In the movie, mysterious patterns are covered with dust. When the audience in front of the screen gently blows the dust away, the pattern is revealed. Beautiful music is playing, and the audience can switch tracks with just a tap in the air. The breakfast shop owner asks if he wants dinner, and the audience answers “yes” or “no”, which can lead to different movie plots… These scenes are from the yet-to-be-released intelligent bionic movie Reincarnation. Set in Beijing in the year 2195, the sci-fi film requires viewers to wear VR glasses and participate in the film by interacting with the characters.


artificial intelligence technology


“Different from traditional film and television programs, intelligent bionic film is a kind of intelligent film that can ‘think’ on its own, featuring strong participation, strong immersion and strong value-added.” “Said Zheng Zilong, CEO of Interactive Film Co. During the movie playing, artificial intelligence collects the audience’s expressions, movements, brain waves, skin temperature and other information through the information acquisition system, sensory transmission system and virtual movie environment, and processes these information to make it become the material of the movie. In front of the interactive film booth, many audiences stopped to watch, “but each of them saw a different content.”


At present, the industrialization of artificial intelligence in subdivision field is advancing orderly. Gao Wen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the New Generation ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Alliance, said China still lags behind the world’s top levels in algorithms, but in applications, the country is already leading the world.


Taking “AI+ Medical” as an example, it can be subdivided into specific tracks such as “AI+ Medical devices”, “AI+ public health”, “AI+ Medical imaging”, “AI+ drug research and development” and “AI+ hospital management”. In the fight against COVID-19, the medical system is overwhelmed by the surging demand for medical image evaluation.


The relatively inefficient manual evaluation consumes a lot of medical resources and is in urgent need of the support of artificial intelligence computing power. To solve this problem, Huawei technologies Co., Ltd. developed the pneumonia auxiliary image diagnosis algorithm based on centerm AI and ItU Medical, reducing the single diagnosis time from 10-15 minutes to 10-15 seconds and increasing the diagnosis accuracy from 90% to 99%.


China’s AI industry grew 15.1 percent to 303.1 billion yuan last year, according to the annual Report on the Development of Next-generation artificial  Intelligence (2020-2021) released on the day of the conference. With the expansion of the industrial scale, the industrial chain to mature and division of labor has become inevitable. Iresearch believe that signal has emerged, in August 2020, five departments jointly issued by the national standardization management committee and the state of a new generation of artificial intelligence standard system construction guide, has been clear about the general standard, support technology and product standard and so on eight parts, provides a standardized system of artificial intelligence industrial chain division of social support.


Attack and defend each other, let AI look for AI loopholes

Smart cameras capture everyone who passes in front of them, but people wearing a T-shirt with an irregular pattern can dodge the camera and become invisible. Zhu Meng, a partner at Beijing Ruilai Intelligent Technology Co LTD, explained that the pattern on the T-shirt is a special “counter pattern” generated by artificial intelligence, which can make the detection algorithm of the monitoring system go wrong, so as to achieve the “stealth” effect, and even “confuse” facial recognition equipment, security gates and other equipment.


“Ai is a black box with structural holes.” Zhu meng said that Ruilai intelligence is doing is to find and prevent such hidden dangers, through the development of firewall system, for “artificial intelligence is safe in the end” to provide quantifiable evaluation support, and provide defense. For example, the company uses its own DeepReal platform to detect fake faces with a more advanced algorithm. At present, the company’s customers involve the public security, industry and information technology, finance and other departments.


“Artificial intelligence brings convenience to human production and life, but at the same time, it also brings risks such as leaking personal privacy, impacting employment pattern and endangering public security.” Chen Xixi, director of the Jiangsu Center of The China Economic Information Agency of Xinhua, said that it has become an important task for the ai supervision process to allow human beings to enjoy the benefits of AI technology in full safety.


“This is a process of constant upgrading of the offense and defense, and an area of great promise.” Primus security technology co., LTD. Network security division sales manager Yang Shun is introduced, in order to effectively prevent potential attacks, primus would use digital technology of twin “copy” out a simulation scenario, one side using artificial intelligence technology, with “attacker” to find security vulnerabilities in the perspective of target of industrial control system; One side is to record and analyze attacks and develop risk plans. “It’s like a game of ‘cops and robbers,’ pushing the boundaries of security technology capabilities in attack and defense.”


From “use” to “use well”, innovation ecology is the key

When “cloud on enterprise” becomes the norm, how to manage “multi-cloud environment” becomes more and more common problem. To this end, Suzhou Bona Xunda Software Co., Ltd. launched a multi-cloud management platform to help enterprises solve the “cloud” after the unified management of multi-cloud resources, from “using” cloud technology to “use” cloud technology.


Take the online commodity “Seckill” for example. Shen Ya, the solution architect of Bona Telecom, said that whether the activity can achieve the expected effect depends on whether the purchase and payment system behind it can support the instantaneous huge flow. The “container cloud platform” independently developed by BNA Xunti has the characteristics of high-speed elastic expansion and flow control, which is equivalent to a flexible “container” that can expand and shrink on demand. It can help customers ensure the normal operation of the system when sending high-concurrency requests.


Mei Jianping, deputy director of the High and new Technology Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that the next step in developing the AI industry is to make good use of technology, speed up the transformation and application of the core, promote the deep integration of technological upgrading and industrial development, and form an innovation ecosystem that gathers all kinds of resources. As an important growth pole of the national AI industry, Suzhou has made fruitful exploration in this area.


At present, suzhou Industrial Park has gathered more than 660 ai core enterprises such as Bona Xunda and Edgeway, and the average growth rate of industrial output in the past three years has reached 25%. Five enterprises in the park were listed on the list of “2021 China’s Top 10 Ai Innovative Enterprises” released on the same day.


In March, Suzhou was approved to build a national experimental zone for innovation and development of next-generation artificial intelligence. Yang Xiaobo, deputy director of the Science and Technology Innovation Committee of suzhou Industrial Park, said that as the core pilot area of the pilot zone, the park will take this opportunity to increase industrial promotion, accelerate the opening of application scenarios, and strive to “triple the output value of artificial  intelligence” by 2022, and make the comprehensive industrial strength into the first square in China. Provide “Suzhou sample” and “Park demonstration” for artificial intelligence to endue high-quality economic and social development.

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