The development and impact of artificial intelligence

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1.The “humanization” of artificial intelligence


We always say that the development of artificial intelligence will touch the root of human production, because strong artificial intelligence will be far superior to human beings in the following aspects:


1、More computing power. The performance is faster computing speed, and high efficiency of parallel processing problems;


2、You communicate better. Internet direct connection for the performance of fast transmission of information; Without externalized human language to assist communication, there will be no misunderstanding of information transmission;


3、It may not be based on traits that evolved for survival. If the human can prefer sweet, cause fat phenomenon; The human brain likes simplicity and avoids expending energy, leading many people to procrastinate; Humans may want to find more spouses, but they also want each spouse to be dedicated to them, resulting in contradictions in family relationships;


However, the current artificial intelligence has been in the “tool” status, in order to reach the level of human intelligence, must first go through at least the following three stages:


1、Any independent sensory system (such as image recognition) can fully cover the needs of reality. Including recognition (feeling), extraction of information (perception), matching with past information (cognition), decision-making (behavior);


2、Multiple independent sensory systems are integrated into a whole, and multiple information is collected and stored in a cross way. The mobile system then coordinates;


3、After information crossing, the information perceived by various sensory systems is refined according to value and serves as the basis for behavioral decision making.


artificial intelligence


When these three steps have been completed, the robot has completed its “instrumented” position, assuming part of human intelligence. It’s just, this is probably the most dangerous time for robots, because there’s no emotion. This means that the AI may have learned to lie by learning, but it is not condemned by its own emotions. In fact, human humanity is expressed through human emotions, and it is those emotions that bring people together, toward the same goal, and work together rather than against each other. In the “seeking benefits and avoiding harms” of human nature, “benefits” and “harms” are not only the external material and reputation, but also contain the inner emotional rewards and punishments of the human body. In such a rational, emotional interweave, human beings in the continuous cooperation and competition, toward a better direction for all human development.


So if robots are to be social and “human” rather than simply cold-heartedly weighing the benefits of their options, they may need to be “emotional”. The generation of human emotions refers to the pattern recognition of the human nervous system, which will trigger some nerve properties, stimulate some nervous system, and secrete corresponding hormones. Hormones act on different organ parts of the human body, resulting in a rapid heartbeat, blood expansion, temperature rise, and then produce a variety of physical physiological responses. Anger, for example, is caused by a combination of low serotonin, high dopamine, and high norepinephrine. With such human logic, the “emotion” of intelligent life can be created and the “humanity” of intelligent life can be created.


After that, artificial intelligence will not necessarily come in the form of “machine or human”, it may be a machine tissue covered with animal skin; It may be a mechanical arm on the assembly line, which can intelligently adjust its working mode and make self-adjustment based on feedback learning of processed data (defective rate) and user data (fault rate of parts). It could be that computer-programmed genes in incubators have hatched into flesh-and-blood humans. Or it could just be a piece of algorithmic code in the server and an interface in the display to analyze and predict the future weather.


So, consider a scenario in which a home smart housekeeper, designed to provide home scene services, initially requires a voice wake-up call from the home owner to provide management services for smart hardware in the home. Then the management system is equipped with a corresponding camera in the home for security and scenario-based services. At this time, the intelligent system can understand the behavior and needs of the home owner through the image (but no other sense), and then provide services. Then, the home intelligent housekeeper, into a physical robot, the robot to provide family services to help the family cooking, sweeping, so it provides the robot “touch”, “taste”, “smell”, because the need for robot movement, so the robot will also have “inner sense”. At this point, the robot has completed its “instrumentalized” human, wrapped in an animal skin that can be mistaken for a real human. Then, with human intelligence, the robot butler was given “sensibility”. So far, the intelligent housekeeper, which is designed to provide home management services, has the same thinking, language and action abilities as human beings. At this point, strong artificial intelligence has been achieved.


3.The impact of strong AI implementation


The birth of the strong ai, means that the human race has completely understand “self” to create a new species, higher than that of the human species at this time due to the internal logic of human gradually understand the “self”, means that human beings are also likely to change their genes for the first time, abandon generated since the evolution of generated by the evolutionary characteristics; It’s possible to grow wings, it’s possible to grow gills. Humans will then become the “new humans.” And when humans become “new humans,” other species are likely to join the ranks of “new humans.” And in fact, humans are just one of millions of species that have evolved civilizations and learned to shape the world by evolving advanced language and advanced thinking. It is just that, among species, all species are balanced, and no species is selected to be necessarily superior to other species, which means that the language and thinking abilities that humans can possess can be acquired by other species or other forms of life. Maybe God created the world to give birth to intelligent species like humans, and then let intelligent species lead the whole world intelligent?


This means that humans have the opportunity to lead all species to become intelligent, as in the movie Star Wars, which is a new world of protohumans, robots, and intelligent protozoa, all of which make up the “new human”.


The birth of “new man” is an unprecedented opportunity for the original human beings, which means that the ability and scope of human beings to transform the world are expanded. It is also an unprecedented challenge, for it is the first time that a new species has reached or surpassed the human species in terms of intelligence that we are proud of.


The challenge of the emergence of the “new man”


By eliminating the dimensional differences between species brought about by thought and language, the superiority of humans as an advanced species is challenged and the survival of humans may be endangered. In the context of humans gradually handing over part of their lives to computers, computers occasionally lose control; On the road of scientific and technological development, the small mistakes that can not be ignored; In the study of biological intelligence, the popularization and application of biological intelligence methods may make the existing earth species intelligent. These are likely to leave a period of mistakes in human civilization that cannot be ignored.


At the same time, the rise of other technologies, such as blockchain, is challenging the way humans are organized, and artificial intelligence will challenge human intelligence. When these two technologies merged and developed, it meant that there were many “new humans” organized in new ways, forming new world patterns. Moreover, the technology of recovering rockets is getting better and better. Perhaps, in the near future, humans will be able to colonize other planets on a large scale. Perhaps the world of the future will not be just a small map of earth, but the whole of space.


At this point, the order created by the ancient chaos will be broken and a new chaos will be created, and the new chaos may be created through the checks and balances between species, rather than the current checks and balances between states. The checks and balances between species are not only the differences in territory on earth, but also the divisions and antagonism between planets and galaxies.


Opportunities for the emergence of a “new man”


When new humans are created across the species boundary, it means that humans will have “Allies” to explore the world with. So far, we’ve been learning about the world in both outward and inward directions. Outward refers to the vast world outside the human body. How big is the earth, the universe? Whether there are other planets with life; Involving physics and chemistry; Inward refers to the logic of functioning within the body, the logic of generating emotions; How the brain works; Why do people think some music is pleasing to the ear and some sounds are not? Psychology, biology. The deepening of understanding in these two directions gradually shaped human civilization today.


However, in the traditional process of exploring the world, the process of exploring the world is slow due to human limitations, social ethics, computing ability and other problems. In the outer direction, limited by the gravity of space traction, oxygen is thin, making it difficult for human beings to directly survive and explore in space; In the direction of inward, because social ethics cannot study the human body directly, it is difficult to explore in an indirect way; The development of artificial intelligence will revolutionize the traditional way of human civilization development and accelerate the development of human civilization.




We will see that the process of intelligence is unstoppable. However, it is impossible to predict whether the result of intelligence will be a win-win situation for all species, or if humans accidentally destroy the whole world. In short, to create a beautiful and harmonious future, people need to act prudently. After all, that “one small step” for man may be a “giant leap” for all species and all planets.

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