The profound influence of artificial intelligence on human development

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Marx and Engels believe that technological progress will not only make great changes in the field of natural science, but also promote human development and social progress. A series of high-tech developments represented by artificial intelligence will not only promote the development of economy and society, but also have a broad and far-reaching impact on human development. As a new factor of production, the development of artificial intelligence affects people’s mode of production, lifestyle, thinking and communication.


1、 Lean production mode


The further development of artificial intelligence has prompted a radical change in people’s mode of production. In the era of intelligence, the deep integration of intelligent technology represented by emerging production factors and social productivity has brought great changes to all fields of society and set off new changes in social productivity.


As a new factor of production, the large-scale use of intelligent machines liberates people’s physical, mental and intellectual strength to a certain extent. With the large-scale use of intelligent machines, some workers will be “replaced” by intelligent machines, and intelligent labor and innovative labor began to become a new mode of social production. The further improvement of computer capability, the explosive growth of data and the continuous increase of social investment promote the rapid development of a new generation of artificial intelligence.


At present, artificial intelligence reflects an unprecedented development speed. It has penetrated into all aspects of people’s life and production with a higher development level and more effective development mode. Its influence and penetration are no less than the steam engine in the 18th century, the electric power in the 19th century and the information technology in the 20th century, creating infinite possibilities for people’s life, Artificial intelligence can provide a new engine for global economic development. Artificial intelligence is building a new driving force for economic and social development, and entrepreneurship and innovation are becoming more and more active.


In the era of artificial intelligence, the social production mode is becoming more and more lean. With the universal application of intelligent technology, our society is becoming more and more intelligent. The intelligent social environment and economic environment are imperceptibly reshaping new physical and mental labor, and then changing the social organization form and organization relationship.


Warmac, a scholar, believes that lean production mode will become the standard global production system in the 21st century. The refined production mode here refers to removing all aspects of labor links unrelated to production value, and cultivating workers into multi skilled and high-quality employees through job rotation training, so as to realize the optimization of production process.


As a new mode of production, lean production obtains benefits by providing products or services for consumers’ personalized and diversified needs. With the application of big data and intelligence, producers can efficiently provide consumers with diversified products and services by analyzing consumer behavior data.


2、 Lifestyle is more intelligent and refined


With the popularization of intelligent technology, human life is increasingly developing towards intelligence and refinement. With the further development of intelligent technology, the popularization and use of intelligent products have greatly facilitated people’s life. The combination of artificial intelligence technology and human production and life tools has changed people’s traditional way of life, and a beautiful new life seems to be possible.


At present, in the field of artificial intelligence, autopilot, intelligent robot, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent investment consultant and intelligent home integrate a number of artificial intelligence technologies such as big data, speech recognition, computer vision and machine learning, which add new color to people’s life and make people’s lifestyle intelligent and refined.


Artificial intelligence has become a powerful assistant in more and more fields. For example, the difficulty of traffic has become a “common problem” faced by modern cities. The application of automatic driving technology not only ensures efficiency, but also avoids traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving and speeding.


At the same time, with the rapid development of computer and microelectronics technology, robots are becoming more and more intelligent. They have played an extremely important role in many fields, such as industrial production, family services, medical treatment, education, military undertakings and so on.


Moreover, with the further development of smart home, the popularization of remote control, stability and low consumption has become a common feature of various home brands. The smart home system tends to be improved. Smart home products will play a significant role in family safety protection, improving living environment, energy conservation and environmental protection.


The use of intelligent technology makes people’s lifestyle convenient and efficient. Through the “substitution” of human activities, artificial intelligence technology can not only greatly reduce the physical and mental burden of human beings, but also replace human beings to complete some work that needed human intelligence in the past, so as to reduce human physical strength, reduce the pressure of human intellectual and mental labor, and make people’s life more convenient, Work efficiency is more efficient.


Artificial intelligence brings great convenience to people’s life, so that people can have more time and energy to do more meaningful things, and further improve people’s quality of life and spiritual realm. The further development of intelligent technology helps to meet people’s increasing material and spiritual needs.


development of artificial intelligence


3、 The way of thinking is becoming more and more comprehensive


In the era of artificial intelligence, people will pay more attention to spiritual satisfaction. Just as steam opportunity replaces horses as a source of labor, artificial intelligence, as a new productivity factor, will gradually expand from a more professional field to all fields of life.


In the period of relatively backward productivity, people often establish their social status by simply pursuing the abundance of material means of life, and thus measure the standard of life happiness. In the era of artificial intelligence, with the further development of productivity and the gradual improvement of people’s material living conditions, people will pay more attention to personal moral quality cultivation and seek spiritual prosperity.


The rapid development of intelligent technology has promoted the transformation of human thinking mode and made people’s thinking mode more and more comprehensive. On the one hand, the extensive use of intelligent products provides convenient services for human life and accumulates the foundation for people’s innovative thinking ability and cognitive ability. The effective use of intelligent technology will make people more thinking and creativity.


On the other hand, it will also make people’s thinking passive, and people’s innovative thinking ability, cognitive ability and ability to judge right and wrong will be greatly weakened. For example, the impact of intelligent science and technology products on people’s thinking makes many young people become “bow heads”, indulge in the virtual but convenient network world, lose the ability of independent thinking, and gradually lose their desire for new things.


Therefore, in the era of globalization, it is very necessary to accurately grasp the trend of world development, comply with the general trend of modernization, change the way of thinking and improve the ability of innovation. In the era of intelligence, people should always maintain their desire for new things, enhance their ability and means to transform the world, and think and look at problems comprehensively with dynamic and dialectical thinking. In the era of artificial intelligence, we must further strengthen the cultivation of human dialectical way of thinking, improve the ability to look at problems comprehensively, and further promote social progress and human development.


4、 The ways of communication are becoming more and more diversified


With the further development of artificial intelligence, the means and ways of communication between subjects are becoming more and more diversified. Marx pointed out: “the old forms of communication that have become shackles have been replaced by new forms of communication that adapt to the more developed productive forces and therefore to the more progressive types of individual independent activities; New forms of communication will become shackles and replaced by other forms of communication. ”


Artificial intelligence affects people’s communication mainly in the following aspects: first, as a new factor of production, artificial intelligence makes the communication obstacles between people less and less through new technical means. The improvement of translation system enables people with different languages to achieve rapid discourse communication.


With the deep development of artificial intelligence, the communication mode between people will change, and new communication modes will appear, which will promote the rapid change of people’s communication modes, the diversification of people’s communication modes, and new communication modes such as new special symbols and physical communication will appear. In the context of intelligence, intelligent technology makes the little-known remote development model more and more popular in human communication, which promotes the process of human development communication.


Secondly, the development of intelligent technology accelerates the improvement and use of personal preference information data, thus reducing the cost of communication. Of course, the use of these data should be based on the protection of personal privacy. In the era of artificial intelligence, we can better and faster obtain the interests and hobbies of the communication objects, and faster understand the personal background of the communication objects, so as to make the communication between people more convenient, greatly improve the communication efficiency, and make the negotiation more convenient and effective, To some extent, it saves the cost of communication.


Under the influence of artificial intelligence, people have realized a qualitative leap in communication, and communication is more convenient and effective. The development of intelligent technology has replaced the defects and disadvantages existing in the previous communication mode, and replaced by new communication modes, which are mostly realized by intelligent technology.


5、 Summary


In the new era, as a new subversive factor of production, artificial intelligence has achieved fruitful results in many research fields, affecting our life and changing human production and life style. The simulation of human intelligence will greatly broaden human vision and expand human ability, and will have a far-reaching impact on human production and life.


In the era of artificial intelligence, we should not only recognize the rich material conditions created for human development, but also recognize the problems and challenges faced by human development in the era of artificial intelligence. The biggest risk of the development of new science and technology is that human beings lose control of it, or technology is applied in the field endangering human development. How to give full play to the technical advantages of artificial intelligence, avoid the out of control of intelligent technology, and make artificial intelligence break through the technical shortcomings and serve mankind is a problem worthy of our long-term thinking.

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