This is the charm of intelligent transportation

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The traffic congestion problem that has plagued mankind for half a century is expected to be broken! This is the charm of intelligent transportation

2021 smart transportation: traffic congestion has always been one of the most troublesome problems in medium and large cities, especially in rush hours. Sometimes it takes an hour to drive ten minutes, which is maddening. With the acceleration of urbanization, more and more people pour into the city, and there are more and more months. Such problems will become increasingly prominent.


The traditional methods have been weak in dealing with traffic congestion, and the effect is not so good. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for dealing with traffic congestion. Now, a new way to deal with traffic is to build a “smart transportation system”, which is expected to solve the traffic congestion problem that has plagued the city for nearly half a century.


So what is “intelligent transportation system”? In fact, it is part of a smart city. The “smart transportation system” is a product formed by integrating modern high and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of things. We can simply understand it as a smart road and a smart car. Its emergence is mainly reflected in the following places to solve the problem of traffic congestion.


2021 smart transportation


Improve traffic management level

In fact, congestion often occurs because of information asymmetry, resulting in the imbalance between road supply and demand. Through the intelligent transportation system, it can coordinate the imbalance between road supply and demand. It can transmit the traffic flow information and road conditions of each road to the control and dispatching center in real time. When congestion is about to occur, it can predict and automatically plan other peer routes or methods, Avoid congestion. At the same time, it can also optimize the traffic light waiting time at each intersection. Adjust in real time according to the traffic flow to shorten the waiting time of vehicles.


Improve public transport service level

In addition to self driving, people can also choose public transport. Intelligent transportation can provide citizens with accurate and efficient travel route planning and vehicle arrival time. Users can take the bus as long as they arrive at the scheduled time, reducing waiting time and travel time. When the comfort and service quality of public transport are improved, it can also attract some car owners to join the ranks of using public transport. A good travel structure has been formed.


People and vehicles are highly interconnected and driverless

In the advanced stage of intelligent transportation, there will be a dispatching center and the interconnection between vehicles and people. All interconnected entities can share the road conditions and traffic flow in real time. At that time, the automatic driving technology was also very mature. The maturity of the automatic driving technology played a positive role in improving the efficiency of the transportation system.


In this regard, veraya, an academician of the American Academy of engineering and professor of transportation at the University of California, Berkeley, believed that assuming all intelligent vehicles, the traffic efficiency of intersections could be improved by 50% to 100%. At the same time, through the blessing of automatic driving ability, it is also expected to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.


Congestion seems to be a simple road traffic problem, but in fact, it is also an economic problem. Congestion has a considerable impact on the economy. Baidu team once calculated that the improvement of traffic efficiency of 15% can be transformed into the growth of GDP of 2.4%. This is quite amazing. The “intelligent transportation system” led by artificial intelligence can not only solve the problem of urban traffic congestion, but also improve urban economic efficiency.

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