Top 12 AI Tools and Frameworks for 2021

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Are you ready to welcome 2021 with the ubiquitous trend of ARTIFICIAL intelligence? This is a compilation of the best AI tools and frameworks of 2021. According to a study conducted by Grand View Research, “the AI market will reach $390.9 billion by 2025.”Artificial intelligence has become widespread in all industries and has greatly simplified our lives. In addition to these applications, it has produced a number of tool frameworks. These tools and frameworks help make developers’ lives much easier, just as AI has made our personal and professional lives much easier. So let’s see what happens in 2021.


Ai Tools and Frameworks for 2021:



Developed by Google Brain, TensorFlow is an open source library ideal for handling large numbers of complex numerical calculations. Many big companies, such as Google, SAP, Intel and Nvidia, use TensorFlow. It is a multi-layer center that allows developers to build, train and send fake nervous systems using massive data sets.



Keras is one of the more popular Python-based library frameworks and is considered the best tool for addressing issues such as network configuration, image recognition, and choosing the best architecture for a particular situation. It can run on top of other frameworks such as TensorFlow or Theano. It has unique features that enable it to be converted to other frameworks.



Scikit-learn is based on two widely used Python libraries, NumPy and SciPy. It is open source and was developed in 2007. For standard AI and data mining capabilities, it includes a variety of managed and unsupervised learning computations, such as clustering, selection tree, recurrence, order, etc. For processing data analysis, data mining and AI computing, SciKit-Learn is considered a good choice.


AI Tools



Mxnet is scalable and has many other cool features, such as easily writing custom layers in high-level languages. It is an open source, community-developed framework that is not directly managed by a single company. It has TVM support to further improve deployment support.



Theano is a Python library best suited for using complex mathematical expressions. It enables us to define and evaluate mathematical expressions composed of multidimensional arrays. Theano simply folds over keras that runs parallel to the Theano library.



It was created by the Berkeley Center for Vision and Learning (BVLC) and community donors. It is a general-purpose ML framework and is therefore considered the first choice for computer vision tasks. It has the most advanced, expressive architecture that encourages innovation and speed.



PyTorch is designed to speed up the process from research prototype to production deployment. It is an open source ML framework created by Facebook. PyTorch has a variety of features, such as distributed training, TorchScript, python-first.


Auto ML

Auto ML is one of the most powerful and up-to-date features in the collection of tools available to machine learning engineers. It is specifically designed to optimize machine learning models. It saves a lot of time and is extremely beneficial for people with less experience in machine learning.



OpenNN(Open Neural Network Library) is written in C ++ and is intended for deep learning and advanced ML research. It is an open source library with extensive documentation and unit testing capabilities. OpenNN provides high processing speed and optimal memory management.


Microsoft Cognition Toolkit (CNTK)

Microsoft Toolkit is a Toolkit for deep learning that allows developers to combine different model types, such as convolutional networks (CNN), deep forward DNN, and recursive networks (RNN/LSTM). It is an open source toolkit that can be used as a stand-alone ML tool via BrainScript or as a library in Python/C ++ / C# programs.


Google ML Toolkit

The Google ML Kit allows developers to build mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. In fact, it is Google’s ML SDK specifically for mobile application development and for building highly customized features. The suite features NLP APIS, video and image analysis apis, And the state-of-the-art AutoML visual edge feature.


H2O: Open source AI platform

H2O is an open source ML software tool written in the Python, R, and Java programming languages. Designed by H2O. Ai, it is primarily used by AI developers and researchers for predictive data analysis. H2O supports data-driven decision making and is also used to analyze cloud data sets in The Apache Hadoop file system.



These are the most important AI tools and frameworks needed for 2021. Better ways for developers to use these tools and frameworks will surely revolutionize industries.

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