What is artificial intelligence suitable for? What can you do?

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Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

The demand for AI skills has more than doubled over the last three years, according to Indeed. Job postings in the field of AI have gone up by 119%. The task of training an image-processing algorithm can be done within minutes today, while a few years ago, the task would take hours to complete. When we compare the skilled professionals in the market with the number of job openings available today, we can see a shortage of skilled professionals in the field of artificial intelligence.


Bayesian Networking, Neural nets, computer science (including knowledge about programming languages), physics, robotics, calculus and statistical concepts are a few skills that one must know before deep diving into a career in AI. If you are someone who is looking to build a career in AI, you should be aware of the various job roles available. Let us take a closer look at the different job roles in the world of AI and what skills one must possess for each job role.


1,Machine Learning Engineer

If you are someone who hails from a background in Data Science or applied research, the role of a Machine Learning Engineer is suitable for you. You must demonstrate an understanding of multiple programming languages such as Python, Java. Having an understanding of predictive models and being able to leverage Natural Language Processing while working with enormous datasets will prove to be beneficial. Being familiar with software development IDE tools such as IntelliJ and Eclipse will help you further advance your career as a machine learning engineer. You will mainly be responsible for building and managing several machine learning projects among other responsibilities.


As an ML engineer, you will receive an annual median salary of $114,856. Companies look for skilled professionals who have a masters degree in the related field and have in-depth knowledge regarding machine learning concepts, Java, Python, and Scala. The requirements will vary depending on the hiring company, but analytical skills and cloud applications are seen as a plus point.


Jobs in Artificial Intelligence


2,Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, your tasks include collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large & complex datasets by leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics tools. Data Scientists are also responsible for developing algorithms that enable collecting and cleaning data for further analysis and interpretation. The annual median salary of a Data Scientist is $120,931, and the skills required are as follows:Hive、Hadoop、MapReduce、Pig、Spark、Python、Scala、SQL.


The skills required may vary from company to company, and depending on your experience level. Most hiring companies look for a masters degree or a doctoral degree in the field of data science or computer science. If you’re a Data Scientist who wants to become an AI developer, an advanced computer science degree proves to be beneficial. You must have the ability to understand unstructured data, and have strong analytical and communication skills. These skills are essential as you will work on communicating findings with business leaders.


3,Business Intelligence Developer

When you’re looking at the different job roles in AI, it also includes the position of Business Intelligence (BI) developer. The objective of this role is to analyze complex datasets that help us identify business and market trends. A BI developer earns an annual median salary of $92,278. A BI developer is responsible for designing, modelling, and maintaining complex data in cloud-based data platforms. If you are interested to work as a BI developer, you must have strong technical as well as analytical skills.


Having great communication skills is important because you will work on communicating solutions to colleagues who don’t possess technical knowledge. You should also display problem-solving skills. A BI developer is typically required to have a bachelor’s degree in any related field, and work experience will give you additional points too. Certifications are highly desired and are looked at as an additional quality. The skills required for a BI developer would be data mining, SQL queries, SQL server reporting services, BI technologies, and data warehouse design.


4,Research Scientist

A research scientist is one of the leading careers in Artificial Intelligence. You should be an expert in multiple disciplines, such as mathematics, deep learning, machine learning, and computational statistics. Candidates must have adequate knowledge concerning computer perception, graphical models, reinforcement learning, and NLP. Similar to Data Scientists, research scientists are expected to have a master’s or doctoral degree in computer science. The annual median salary is said to be $99,809. Most companies are on the lookout for someone who has an in-depth understanding of parallel computing, distributed computing, benchmarking and machine learning.


5,Big Data Engineer/Architect

Big Data Engineer/Architects have the best-paying job among all the roles that come under Artificial Intelligence. The annual median salary of a Big Data Engineer/Architect is $151,307. They play a vital role in the development of an ecosystem that enables business systems to communicate with each other and collate data. Compared to Data Scientists, Big data Architects receive tasks related to planning, designing, and developing an efficient big data environment on platforms such as Spark and Hadoop. Companies typically look to hire individuals who demonstrate experience in C++, Java, Python, and Scala.


Data mining, data visualization, and data migration skills are an added benefit. Another bonus would be a PhD in mathematics or any related computer science field.

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