Which industries and jobs will not be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next 30 years?

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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, everyone can deeply feel that AI is having a far-reaching impact on society and economy. Previously, Li Kaifu also publicly said that AI will replace 30% – 40% of jobs, including white-collar workers, in the next 15 years! Will your job be replaced by AI? Before you retire, will you face the risk of being replaced by AI and losing your job? Which industries and jobs will not be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next 30 years? Now the author will talk about his own views.


Which jobs are most easily replaced?


Repetitive work

There is no doubt that the first job to be replaced is from repetitive jobs, such as assembly line workers in factories, such as supermarket cashiers, bank front desk tellers, parking administrators, etc. in fact, this phenomenon is happening. For example, there are only two cashiers and seven or eight self-service checkout machines in the new supermarket at my door. These machines only need one person to maintain and take care of them, that is to say, three people have completed the work of the previous 10 cashiers, which is equivalent to artificial intelligence replacing seven labor costs in a disguised form.


In addition, traditional parking administrators have long been replaced by smart parking places, bank tellers have been replaced by mobile banking and self-service teller machines, etc.


Simple identification and judgment

With the continuous improvement of in-depth learning, artificial intelligence can simply understand and judge sounds, words and images, so it can replace many simple recognition and judgment jobs. For example, telemarketing is often dialed by robots, and then the dialogue is understood through AI semantics. When the other party is determined to be an intended customer, it will be transferred to manual for further promotion, which greatly improves the efficiency. In addition, like e-commerce customer service, bank tellers are the same.


smart parking


In the future, the work of content audit will also be replaced by artificial intelligence. For example, during video audit, AI will use deep learning ability and powerful computing power to analyze whether there is sensitive content frame by frame. After picking out the sensitive content, it will be judged by manual audit, which greatly reduces the work pressure of content audit, but greatly improving the efficiency also means that more auditors are replaced by machines.


Unexpectedly, accounting has also been replaced. Last year, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & young all launched the financial intelligence robot scheme, which means that in the future, many entry-level accountants responsible for information collection and sorting will also be replaced by artificial intelligence!


High risk work

At present, many high-risk jobs have been replaced by artificial intelligence, such as underground exploration of coal mines, flaw detection of train tracks, inspection of high-voltage power transmission stations, damage inspection of bridges, cleaning of building exterior walls and glass, etc. with the development of artificial intelligence, it is absolutely a general trend for machines to replace humans to do these dangerous jobs.


Which jobs are least likely to be replaced?


Creative class

Artificial intelligence, even if it has a very high IQ, can not improve its Eq. Therefore, many art and creative jobs will not be replaced at all. Such as artists, singers, actors and content creators. For example, the actor’s actions and subtle look switching everywhere reflect the characterization of characters and the understanding of the plot. Obviously, AI does not have this ability at all.


Complex personalized services

Such as teachers, lawyers and doctors, these occupations can never be replaced. Teachers pay attention to teaching students according to their aptitude. For doctors, everyone’s symptoms and characteristics are different. They must make a comprehensive judgment and suit the remedy to the case in combination with their own decades of past experience, so artificial intelligence is difficult to replace doctors.


Finally, the author believes that it is good for artificial intelligence to replace human work events, because it can liberate human productivity, devote energy to more valuable work, and improve the efficiency of the whole society. Moreover, when artificial intelligence replaces some occupations, it will also give birth to new needs and new occupations. We still have a positive and optimistic attitude towards artificial intelligence.


Leave a message saying, what is your occupation? Do you think you will be replaced by artificial intelligence?

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