The era of “enterprise credit score” is here, and “cloud finance” helps enterprises to transform smoothly

wu meijie Date: 2021-09-13 15:58:09
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What is “cloud finance“?


“Cloud finance” is a general term that includes products, services, information technology and other financial-related cloud business and cloud service platform. Through the calculation and analysis of the cloud financial system, the data of enterprises are analyzed and processed in the cloud computer system, which can help financial institutions quickly find and solve financial problems and avoid the financial credit risks of lending enterprises; at the same time, it can help enterprises realize efficient financial business processing and carry out loans and other business conveniently and quickly.


Through “cloud finance”, enterprises can improve financial business processes, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, while “cloud finance” can improve the efficiency and market competitiveness of application providers.


For financial institutions, “cloud finance” can quickly assess the credit limit of customers and the creditworthiness of enterprises, so as to evaluate the loan amount and repayment ability of enterprises and avoid lending risks.


For enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, “cloud finance” can realize data integration and feedback, helping enterprises to make loans more efficiently and conveniently.


cloud finance


Why promote “cloud finance”?


The digital transformation of enterprises is actually a revolution of efficiency, and the intelligent and digital management realized by “cloud technology” plays a decisive role in the further development of enterprises in today’s information age, while “cloud finance” can help enterprises generate “credit rating” and realize “cloud management” in financial business to promote the transformation of enterprises.


Compared with traditional finance, “cloud finance” has a lot of convenience brought by “cloud computing” technology. “Cloud finance” integrates products, information, services, users and other multiple information for calculation, which helps improve the ability of financial institutions to quickly find and solve problems, enhance the overall efficiency of enterprises, improve the lending process, reduce operating costs, and improve market competitiveness.


In the traditional financial service system, major banks are able to provide customers with financial services such as savings, payment, lending and finance, etc. However, for the same user or enterprise, choosing multiple banks to cooperate with will face different needs and require different platforms or different banks to handle different businesses, with complicated procedures and high error rates.


The “cloud finance” system can support multiple banks to collaborate on services, and multiple businesses of multiple banks can be handled on the same financial platform, providing convenient product experience and utility for enterprises and customers, which is a necessary choice for enterprise transformation.


“Cloud financial” service boosts the transformation and upgrading of enterprises
It is a one-stop service platform of “enterprise digital marketing + financial and taxation services” created by tax control giant Piovan and Internet giant WeChat, providing purely online enterprise financial products, auditing the operating data of loan enterprises based on invoices and taxes, generating credit reports, and providing feedback to banks on the operating status, creditworthiness and repayment ability of enterprises.


Banks can judge whether to lend or not and the amount of loan based on the relevant data to prevent and control risks. Enterprises in need of loans need no collateral, apply easily, and get loans faster.


In digital finance, we have reached long-term cooperation with dozens of banks to lower the loan threshold and solidify the corporate financial chain.


By featuring private domain traffic to open source and financial taxation to empower and throttle, we create an exclusive private domain traffic pool for enterprises to boost the transformation and upgrade of people, goods and fields. At the same time, it lays out the whole-process tax solutions for small and micro enterprises and individual entrepreneurs to improve tax efficiency, reduce operating costs, and standardize tax processes.

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