What are the similarities and differences between digital technology and Internet Finance?

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When it comes to digital technology, many people will naturally associate it with finance, especially Internet finance. In the eyes of many people, the so-called digital technology is just a new concept reproduced by traditional Internet financial players. Its essence is no different. This stereotype of digital technology is justified. Because now many digital technology players are taking digital technology as a concept instead of doing what digital technology really should do.


Some people may ask, what should digital technology do? This question just reflects people’s confusion and misunderstanding about digital technology at present, because many people do not understand what the so-called digital technology is. It is naturally even more difficult for them to answer the question of what digital technology should do. Unlike the outside world, which regards digital technology as a similar financial technology, or even Internet finance, I prefer to regard digital technology as an infrastructure.


It is a bit similar to the Internet, but its function is much larger than the Internet. Since it is an infrastructure, digital technology can not only be the exclusive of an industry, it should have certain universality. In other words, digital technology should not only be the “infrastructure” of the financial industry, but should become the “infrastructure” of all industries.


In addition, digital technology should not only promote platforms and centers, but better go to platforms and centers. However, let’s take a look at how many digital technology players really treat digital technology as the “infrastructure” of all industries? How many people regard digital technology as a decentralized and deplatform existence? It can be said that almost none.


This one-sided and narrow understanding of digital technology finally brought the development of digital technology into a dead end, and finally digital technology became the exclusive of the financial industry. This is the fundamental reason why digital technology has been unable to get rid of its dependence on finance and really has contact with more industries. It is also the fundamental reason why digital technology players have been unable to break the development bottleneck.


When the background of digital technology is only finance itself, we can’t ask the outside world to be tolerant and understanding of digital technology players. Looking at digital technology from a perspective other than finance and looking for a new development mode of digital technology may be the key to opening a new situation of digital technology.


1,As I understand it, digital technology should be an existence that integrates a variety of new technologies. It is not an independent technology, but a complex of multiple technologies. However, today’s digital technology players regard it as an independent technology. They exist independently and have nothing to do with each other. For example, big data belongs to digital technology; For example, blockchain belongs to digital technology; For example, artificial intelligence belongs to digital technology.


Although digital technology is regarded as an independent technology, which can empower and transform the financial industry, this transformation and empowerment based on a certain technology can only be effective in one or some processes and links, and can not produce compound and linkage effects. In addition, if these individual technologies can not achieve deep integration and connection, their effectiveness can not be maximized.


Finally, the so-called digital technology has only become a simple addition of single new technologies without forming an independent individual. The so-called digital technology has completely become a concept without a specific existence. This is one of the important reasons why people think that digital technology is synonymous with Internet finance.


Because those players who claim that they are digital technology do not treat digital technology as “infrastructure”, but just treat digital technology as “industry”. Coupled with the natural and close relationship between digital technology itself and finance, it is inevitable to become synonymous with Internet finance.


I always believe that this superficial and one-sided understanding of digital technology can not maximize its function and role in any case. Not only can it not maximize, but it may even bring the development of digital technology into a dead end. At present, the development of digital technology has encountered so many challenges, one of which is a very important reason.


Standing at the crossroads of digital technology, the first thing we need to do is to look at digital technology from a new perspective, that is, from the perspective of “infrastructure”, and create a new era with digital technology as “infrastructure” by applying it to finance and more fields outside finance.


 digital technology


2,In many cases, people choose the practice of “walking on two legs” in landing and applying digital technology, that is, they regard finance as the foundation of settling down and the source of cash flow. In addition, they will explore the possibility of the landing and application of digital technology in areas other than finance. Although this approach is relatively stable and can allow the derivation and development of digital technology to be undertaken, the deep impact of the residual thinking of Internet finance makes many people naturally step into the river of Internet finance again on the road of exploring the combination of digital technology and finance, and regard b-end users in the financial industry as new traffic acquisition objects, Finally, the transformation of finance by digital technology has become a dead letter.


Therefore, I think that the so-called “walking on two legs” is not necessarily a good thing. Taking technology as the starting point and exploring more application possibilities of digital technology may be another correct way.


3,When we look at and explore the application and implementation of digital technology from a technical perspective, what we need to do is how to organically integrate new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence under the scope of digital technology, and become an existence that can be applied to different industries and different scenarios.


At this time, the so-called digital technology will no longer be just a simple addition of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence, but a new concept with deep integration, mutual cooperation and in the form of digital technology. When digital technology exists in an independent form, we have a new perspective when we explore the possibility of its landing and application.


This is somewhat similar to the Internet. In the Internet age, the “Internet +” model is the mainstream business model in the Internet age; In the digital technology era, “digital technology +” will become the mainstream business model.


The transformation based on a single technology can only transform some processes and links of a certain industry. After the transformation, it is still a traditional industry; The transformation based on composite technology can deeply and comprehensively transform the different processes and links of different industries, and after the transformation is completed, it can also reshape the underlying operation logic of the traditional industry, so as to form a new industry.


I think that’s what digital technology players should really do. When we look at digital technology with the goal of deriving new industries, rather than as a solution and method to maintain and repair traditional industries, we can grasp the essence of digital technology. When digital technology really enters this stage of development, it can dispel people’s doubts, get rid of the shackles of Internet finance, and truly enter a new era.


4,In addition to changing their understanding of digital technology, players of digital technology should also change their roles. They should not just regard themselves as a platform and center, but as a new “infrastructure”. Why? Because we can see that many digital technology players are actually built under the business model of S2B. They just regard themselves as a solution provider and a technology R & D center, but do not really devote themselves to the industry and become a part of the industry.


Obviously, the underlying logic of digital technology players is still to be a center or platform, rather than a new “infrastructure”. Although players can get short-term development by transferring the transformation objects and temporarily alleviate the development dilemma encountered by the peak of C-end traffic bonus, if it is still a centralized and platform model without further decentralization and deplatform, the development of so-called digital technology may not be able to jump out of the strange circle of the Internet, It is also impossible to achieve new development.


Digital technology players still exist in the form of centers and platforms, which is not fundamentally different from the Internet model. Therefore, we need to change the role and positioning of digital technology players. Don’t regard yourself as a platform and center, but as the “air” and “water” to ensure the operation of the industry. At the same time, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of the industry under the new “sunshine” and “air”, players of digital technology should also play a “catalytic” role, give full play to “Photosynthesis” and ensure the emergence of “new species”.


To sum up, the role of digital technology players should act as the function and role of “infrastructure” and “catalyst”. Whether it is “infrastructure” or “catalyst”, the role of digital technology players is no longer the traditional function and role we often see. Their ultimate goal is to ensure the derivation and emergence of new industries.


The “new industries” here include not only the digital technology players themselves, but also the industries they really enable and transform. If we look at the current digital technology players from this perspective, we will well understand why the outside world still questions that they are still engaged in Internet Finance? We can also explain why digital technology still can’t make a breakthrough?


Blindly tinkering with traditional industries, blindly unwilling to give up the formed resource advantages, blindly infatuated with the platform and center, even the trendy concept and the leading model are just singing praises for the traditional business model, but can not really bring the development of the industry into a new development stage.


When the development of digital technology falls into a dilemma, many people begin to regard it as synonymous with Internet finance. That’s easy to understand. When we don’t really straighten out the connotation and significance of digital technology, we just regard it as a simple addition of new technologies; When we don’t really understand the role and positioning of digital technology players, we just regard it as a new form of platform and center; The so-called digital technology can only operate under the original fixed mode, which will not only lose the excellent development opportunities, but also may even bring the development of digital technology into a dead end and lose the good opportunity of perfect combination with the digital economy.

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