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The essence of Internet finance is still finance, and the core of finance is risk control, big data is the key to intelligent risk control, the final presentation of risk control capabilities can be seen in the capital loss rate this indicator. Internet financial risk control intelligence has now revealed the beginning, but has not emphasized the concept, with crawlers crawling online public data, third-party cooperation to provide data plus the platform’s accumulated data, semantic understanding, correlation, tagging, the formation of a knowledge graph related to risk control, which actually has the prototype of intelligent risk control. It is foreseeable that, as the Internet technology reserves and capacity reserves continue to strengthen, intelligent risk control will be a major trend in Internet financial risk control.


When mutual funds meet technology, intelligent risk control is the trend


intelligent risk control


Recently, the concept of intelligent risk control has become a big hit, firstly, CITIC’s Aladdin Gold Service launched an intelligent robot that can draw a portrait of the user and calculate the risk in just a few minutes. Aladdin’s intelligent robot builds its own risk control model through CITIC’s own database and information publicly displayed on the Internet, and draws a portrait of the user. From there, it determines whether the user can underwrite each transaction, which is also a credit enhancement mechanism. Intelligent quantitative judgment in the early stage, even if the system is unable to judge, it will be much easier to conduct manual exclusion later. In this way, the efficiency of credit collection is improved and the cost of risk control is reduced.


Credit data reserves are the key to big data wind control, the ability to capture data is the biggest and most important problem of intelligent wind control, intelligent robot control is still in the early stages of development, but also achieved certain results. Relying on the accumulation of a large number of users, alleviate the cost of capturing a large number of fragmented and diverse information from each financier, which involves massive amounts of Internet fragmented data such as e-commerce transaction statistics, Baidu search engine statistics and other information, according to the cost of electronic information submitted by users such as business license details, bank flow details, etc., third-party authority query information such as court litigation information, etc. Serving tiny users and solving the problem of difficult financing for them.


In terms of risk control, in addition to traditional application information and credit data, the intelligent risk control system adds multi-dimensional mass data to build risk models, which include credit behavior obtained under user authorization, online blacklist, relevant certifications, online behavior data, social relationship data, as well as third-party channels and dimensions. Through a number of intelligent assessments, it is hoped that the risk can be reasonably quantified.


It is not difficult to predict what kind of impact intelligent risk control will have on traditional risk control, and the emergence of intelligent risk control has also solved the problem of difficult credit collection for many tiny retail households. The common advantage of this intelligent risk control system is that it solves the problem of inconsistency in audit standards brought about by manual field audits and judgments, improving work efficiency while reducing the potential for manual errors and omissions.

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