AI value in cyber security market will reach 101.8$ billion in 2030

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The latest report by Research and Markets, a research institution, shows that the value of the artificial intelligence network security market will grow from US$8.6 billion in 2019 to US$101.8 billion (about 660 billion yuan) in 2030. From 2020 to 2030, the compound annual growth rate of the artificial intelligence network security market will be 25.7%.

The report shows that the artificial intelligence network security market is divided into threat intelligence, fraud detection/anti-fraud, security and vulnerability management, data loss prevention, identity and access management, intrusion detection/prevention systems, antivirus/malware, unified threat management, and risk compliance management, etc. The report believes that network fraud and data loss prevention systems will be the fastest growing area of ​​the artificial intelligence network security market in the next decade.

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The number of malicious attacks and online fraud incidents on a global scale has greatly increased, which can be attributed to the rapid spread of the Internet and the increasing utilization of cloud solutions. Online fraud, payment and ID theft account for more than 55% of all online crimes. If not prevented, they will cause significant losses to enterprises. Therefore, companies are now adopting advanced solutions to effectively deal with cybercrimes. This has further led to the growth of the global artificial intelligence network security market. Artificial intelligence-based solutions can combat online fraud by reducing response time, identifying threats, and improving detection techniques.

As the new crown pneumonia epidemic has led to the rapid spread of remote office worldwide, the number of cyber attacks has also increased. The survey shows that while telecommuting can help increase productivity and further increase employee satisfaction, it also makes important company information and data more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Employees’ personal devices have a wide range of functions, and IT departments are usually unable to fully evaluate each device, which poses a threat to the security of corporate confidential data.

Artificial intelligence provides advanced protection through machine learning technology, which can provide more complete endpoint security, effectively mitigate security threats and prevent attacks. The intelligent data loss prevention system plays an important role in monitoring, identifying and protecting data stored and moving in the network. Each organization has developed certain specific data security policies and requires IT personnel to strictly follow these policies.

The data loss prevention system is mainly used to implement data security policies to prevent unauthorized people from using or accessing confidential data. The fraud detection/anti-fraud category occupied a major share of the market in 2019 and is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period.

From the perspective of regional market development trends, North America is the leading area of ​​the artificial intelligence network security market in 2019. Due to the surge in the number of cyber attacks, many companies in the region are deploying cyber security solutions. However, in the forecast period of the next ten years, the report predicts that the Asia-Pacific region will develop faster.

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