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In the domain of cybersecurity, AI has three primary functions:



and ResponseAI Utilization for Organizational Cybersecurity



Today, organizations use AI extensively to detect cyber threats. Over 50% of organizations implementing AI-based cybersecurity solutions have a high usage rate for detection purposes . Detection reflects the unique capabilities of AI, through machine learning or deep learning, to use behavioural analysis to identify irregular traffic continuously.


cyber threats


For example, Honeywell recently launched their Secure Media Exchange (SMX) solution, which leverages AI to detect threats introduced via USB devices to disrupt operations by misusing legitimate USB functions or unauthorized device actions.



The prediction function holds the second-highest usage rate. Roughly 35% of organizations make extensive use of AI to predict cyber threats. By scanning through vast data types, the AI makes predictions based on the system’s training.


Organizations that employ AI for prediction purposes can use the technology to automatically identify their assets and network topology, identify critical vulnerabilities, and continuously improve their networks defences against any potential cyberattacks with destructive potential (Source: Progress).



Lastly, when it comes to responding to threats, AI is still evolving. Only 18% of organizations make extensive use of AI to respond to cyber-attacks. This means automating the creation of a virtual patch for a detected threat or developing new protection mechanisms in real-time.


An AI response solution is straightforward, detecting attacks and stopping them while they are happening. U.S. specialty retailer Avenue deployed a machine learning-based solution to differentiate between normal and abnormal behaviour to combat bot attacks, shutting down bot-triggered anomalous behaviour like stolen credentials or unauthorized purchases on customer accounts.


Regardless of how an organization uses its AI resources for cybersecurity, it helps them improve threat response time, lowers costs, and responds to breaches.

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