Biological hackers are performing superhuman missions, directly connecting the human brain with artificial intelligence?

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Biohacker Bryan Johnson has sent dozens of Flux and Flow helmets to researchers across the United States to get their feedback on this new generation of equipment, which may allow anyone to control AI with their minds? Biohacker Johnson is performing a special mission to become a “superman”, directly connecting the human brain with artificial intelligence?



The biohacker said that the first step in this journey is to develop and manufacture a $50,000 (about 35,000 pounds) helmet that can read brain activity at an unprecedented level. Although the technology used by Johnson’s mind-reading startup Kernel has long existed in large medical research machines, the lightweight helmet he developed allows researchers to study the brain while it is active.



In the early stages of the research, Johnson discussed with SpaceX boss Elon Musk, whose Neuralink project aims to implant electrodes directly into the human brain. But Johnson abandoned the implant in favor of two experimental helmets: one code-named Flow and the other code-named Flux. The Flow helmet uses lasers to measure the precise oxygenation of blood deep in the brain, while the Flux helmet records the electrical impulses fired by neurons.



The biohacker believes that these two new products can provide accurate images of the internal activities of the human brain. Johnson pointed out that although his current technology is too expensive for everyone except the most dedicated researchers, Johnson predicts that by 2030, he will be able to make sensor helmets that are not much more expensive than smartphones.



Johnson told the business magazine Bloomberg: “As a society, in order to make progress in all aspects, we must ensure that the brain is online. We are the first in the history of human intelligence to be able to observe a lifetime and imagine evolving into a new form of conscious existence. What we are doing can build a bridge for mankind and make technology a part of ourselves.”



Biohacking: By 2030, the mind reading helmet may allow the human brain to access artificial intelligence. So far, biohacker Johnson has spent 110 million US dollars (78 million pounds) to develop the mind reading helmet, half of which is himself Money. However, he complained: “Usually Silicon Valley people and investors don’t even want to talk to us. Obviously, we have to spend time, and I have to spend money to show people something to prove it works.”
Johnson may have more time than most entrepreneurs. At the age of 43, he pursued a complex regimen. The biohacker emphasized that this regimen allowed him to have a body 10 years younger than himself. In addition to a strict diet, he inhales his own stem cells and regularly takes hallucinogenic drugs such as ketamine or psilocybin. Johnson revealed that his strict diet and mind-reading helmet are all part of his attempt to become a “superman.”

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