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2021 World Internet Conference kicked off in Wuzhen. In the same period, the annual leading scientific and Technological Achievement Award, known as the “Oscar” in the Internet industry, was officially announced, and 14 top Internet scientific and technological achievements were officially unveiled, covering innovative fields such as artificial intelligence, 5g, quantum computing and high-end chips, comprehensively demonstrating the new level and new height of technologies in the cutting-edge fields of the global Internet.


As the industry’s first innovative platform dedicated to improving the security, reliability and credibility of artificial intelligence, the “safe, controllable and reliable new generation artificial intelligence platform” independently developed by Beijing Ruilai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. won the leading scientific and Technological Achievement Award, and was selected together with China Mobile, Huawei, Alibaba and other well-known Internet representative enterprises at home and abroad. It is reported that Beijing Ruilai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2018, is a core industry university research institution incubated from Tsinghua Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.


The forerunner and promoter of the third generation artificial intelligence

Since the birth of Dartmouth conference in 1956, it has experienced two ups and downs. It has entered the current era of rapid development under multiple factors such as big data, super hardware and deep learning. However, the current artificial intelligence can only solve limited problems, and there are still some shortcomings, such as unsafe, unreliable, unreliable and not easy to popularize and apply.


Zhang cymbal, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and honorary president of the Institute of artificial intelligence of Tsinghua University, once proposed the need to establish a robust and interpretable artificial intelligence theory and develop a safe, reliable, reliable and scalable third-generation artificial intelligence. In this context, Ruilai intelligence was incubated and established from the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Tsinghua University. It took the lead in “comprehensively utilizing the four elements of knowledge, data, algorithm and computing power to build a stronger artificial intelligence than the previous generation”, explored the real artificial intelligence, and became the pioneer and leader of the third generation of artificial intelligence.


At the launch of the world’s leading Internet scientific and technological achievements, Tian Tian, CEO of Beijing Ruilai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., clearly pointed out that the second generation artificial intelligence represented by deep learning still faces many security risks: “The first is the problem of data leakage, because the improvement of AI capability needs to mine the value of data to the greatest extent, but the use and amount of data in practical applications are not controlled, making it possible for data and privacy information to be leaked.”


Unreliable algorithm is the second risk, because the black box and unexplainability of deep learning model make AI have “congenital defects” such as unreliable algorithm and loopholes in the system. In AI driven key scenarios such as finance and automatic driving, if attacked, it will lead to serious consequences. Uncontrollable application is the third risk, and its essence is the abuse and misuse of technology. Deep forgery The brutal growth of AI applications such as discriminatory marketing is common and has caused serious consequences, which has an adverse impact on the steady development of AI.


World Internet Conference


Building a safe, controllable and reliable new generation of artificial intelligence

The “safe, controllable and reliable new generation artificial intelligence platform”, which won the leading scientific and technological achievement award of the world Internet Conference, is the “answer sheet” of technological innovation given by Ruilai wisdom for the above risk difficulties and development problems. This efficient and reliable overall solution is also the “integrator” of Ruilai wisdom’s cutting-edge and core technological achievements.


“It is a new generation of artificial intelligence infrastructure developed based on the third generation of artificial intelligence theory.” Tian Tian defined the platform in this way. He introduced that the platform has world-leading technology and original functions in the direction of algorithm, data security and application controllability, which will fundamentally enhance the security, reliability and controllability of artificial intelligence.


It is understood that the “safe, controllable and reliable new generation artificial intelligence platform” includes three sub platforms of “privacy computing”, “Ai attack and defense” and “deep pseudo detection”.


Award winning achievements of world Internet Conference leading scientific and Technological Achievements Award

The “privacy computing sub platform” is equipped with the federal AI automatic compilation pioneered by Riley intelligence in the world, which can realize multi-party computing and joint modeling under the premise of protecting the data privacy of all parties. It has strong algorithm compatibility, verifiable security and excellent performance, effectively promotes data cooperation and fully releases data value. The “Ai attack and defense sub platform” Based on the world’s leading AI attack and defense capability of Ruilai intelligence, it is the first enterprise level artificial intelligence security platform in the industry. It is visual, zero coding, supports black box evaluation, and can carry out security detection, systematic risk prevention, intelligent upgrading and reinforcement of AI system.


The “deep forgery detection sub platform” supports automatic identification of images in a variety of formats and quality. It has the industry’s top-level real network high-performance and high-precision detection ability, and can be applied to detect the authenticity and compliance of network content, crack down on reputation infringement and network fraud.


With its unique innovation mode, the platform can effectively reduce the new security risks in the era of artificial intelligence, ensure the safety, reliability and controllability of artificial intelligence system, and alleviate the contradiction between scientific and technological progress and security. At present, it has played an important role in high-value scenarios such as government affairs, finance and industrial Internet, and has become a solid base for AI in-depth empowerment.


Tian Tian said that with the support of a safe, controllable and reliable new generation of artificial intelligence platform, artificial intelligence will achieve higher quality development and new breakthroughs in field breadth, scene depth, capability dimension and value dimension. In the future, Ruilai intelligence will also continue to strengthen the research and development of the underlying core technologies of the third generation of artificial intelligence, so as to inject inexhaustible power into the stability and development of artificial intelligence To help form a more comprehensive and in-depth artificial intelligence industry ecology.

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