Calipsa’s video false alarm reduction platform selected by Sirix

liu, tempo Date: 2021-06-17 11:39:44
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Calipsa, a market provider of deep-learning-powered video analytics for false alarm reduction, announced Sirix, a Canadian remote monitoring station operator, is using its False Alarm Filtering platform.

Calipsa’s artificial intelligence-based analytics reduce false alarms by more than 90%.

Government and Enterprise Security

Video analytics software
Quebec-based Sirix offers public and private organisations solutions for remote video monitoring, cloud-hosted access control, remote intercom response, alarm video verification, and infrastructure uptime monitoring.

Calipsa’s video analytics software is deployed in the Sirix operations center, providing an added layer of intelligence to protect its customer’s sites.

Improves response efficiency

Calipsa’s cloud-based analytics use deep learning technology to focus on human or vehicle movement within live video feeds.

Nuisance factors, such as wind-blown foliage, are filtered out, significantly reducing false alarms and improving Sirix agents’ response times to genuine security threats while improving their overall efficiency.

AI engine reduces false alarms
“After evaluating and testing the different solutions on the market, we found the Calipsa AI engine was the most powerful but also simple and intuitive,” said Daniel Cyr, chief executive officer, Sirix.

“Even though almost all cameras connected at our operation center have built-in advanced analytics, Calipsa was able to reduce multiple false alarms, which allows our operators to be even more efficient in their work. It was important for us to get the best AI technology on the market and we have that with Calipsa.”

Integrated video monitoring
“Sirix became a leader in the Canadian video monitoring market by constantly looking to integrate state-of-the-art technology that exceeds industry standards,” said Brian Baker, chief revenue officer, Calipsa.

“We’re excited to help support Sirix’s growth and I’m confident we’ll have a successful partnership for years to come.”

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