Hawking: the threat of artificial intelligence is like nuclear weapons. The world will change 10 times!

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Hawking, a famous scientist, is known as the “king of the universe”. He believes that the most profound impact of mankind so far is the rise of artificial intelligence. For artificial intelligence, he has the following ten profound thoughts:


In my life, I have witnessed many profound social changes. One of the most profound and growing changes affecting mankind is the rise of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence may be the greatest event in the history of human civilization. It is either the best or the worst in human history. If we can’t learn how to avoid risks, we will put ourselves in a desperate situation.


If someone designs computer viruses, then someone designs artificial intelligence that continues to improve itself until it finally surpasses human beings, and the result will be a new form of life.


The real risk of AI is not its malice, but its ability. A super intelligent artificial intelligence is very good at achieving goals. If these goals are inconsistent with our goals, we will be in trouble. ”


The impact of artificial intelligence on human beings can be discussed from two aspects: short-term and long-term.


Short term concerns – intelligent autonomous weapons, privacy


The all-round development of artificial intelligence may lead to the extinction of mankind. For example, maximize the use of intelligent autonomous weapons. At present, the nine nuclear powers in the world can control about 14000 nuclear weapons. Any of them can raze cities. Radioactive waste will pollute farmland in a large area. The most terrible harm is to induce nuclear winter. Fire and smoke will lead to the global little ice age.


 artificial intelligence


This result caused the collapse of the global food system and doomsday unrest, which is likely to lead to the death of most people. As scientists, we bear special responsibility for nuclear weapons. It was scientists who invented nuclear weapons and found that their effects were more terrible than originally expected. In addition, there are privacy concerns. As artificial intelligence gradually begins to interpret a large number of monitoring data, these will be seen at a glance by robots.


Long term concern – potential risk of artificial intelligence system out of control


A logic followed by artificial intelligence is that “computers can imitate human intelligence in theory and then surpass it”. This day will come soon. In the future, artificial intelligence can develop self will, a will that conflicts with us. We cannot know whether we will be infinitely helped by AI, despised and marginalized, or likely destroyed by it. But the truth is: smart machines will be able to replace the work that humans are doing and quickly eliminate millions of jobs.


Due to the limitation of long biological evolution, human beings cannot compete with it and will be replaced. This will bring great damage to our economy. In the past two hundred years, the population growth rate has been exponential, and the current value is about 1.9%. This may not sound like a lot, but it means that the world population will double every 40 years. In 2022, I will celebrate my 80th birthday, and in the course of my life, the world population has expanded four times than when I was born.


Such exponential growth cannot continue into the next millennium. By 2600, the world will be crowded and power consumption will turn the earth into a “hot” fireball. This is at stake.


I believe we can avoid such an end of the world, and the best way is to migrate to space and explore the possibility of human life on other planets. As an independent species, human beings have existed for about two million years. Our civilization began about 10000 years ago, and its development has been accelerating steadily. If mankind wants to continue for the next million years, we must move forward boldly and set foot in places beyond the reach of our predecessors!


To some extent, the situation today is like Europe 1492 years ago. People at that time probably believed that Columbus’s exploration was doomed to futility. However, the discovery of the new world has had a far-reaching impact on the old world. For those who are deprived of their rights and status and have no way out, the new world has become their Utopia.


The expansion of mankind into space will even have a more far-reaching impact, which will completely change the future of mankind and even determine whether we have a future. It will not solve any immediate problems on earth, but it will provide a new perspective to solve these problems, allowing us to focus on the wider space rather than the present.


What will we find when we go into space?


Will we find extraterrestrial life, or will we eventually walk alone in the universe? We believe that life is born naturally on the earth and has achieved a high fit with the earth’s resources after a long evolution. Therefore, the existence of life must be possible on other planets with appropriate conditions. Last year, we launched a long-term R & D plan – “breakthrough Star Photography”, with the goal of making star travel a reality“ Breaking through the “star shooting” is a real opportunity for mankind to move into outer space, in order to explore and consider the possibility of moving into space.


The idea behind this innovation is to drive nano aircraft with light beams. Although the speed produced in this way is not as fast as the speed of light, it can also reach one fifth of it, about 100 million miles per hour. Such a system can reach Mars in an hour, Pluto in a few days, catch up with and surpass the Voyager probe in a week, and reach the Alpha Centauri Galaxy in only 20 years.


The success of artificial intelligence may be the biggest event in the history of human civilization. But artificial intelligence may also be the end of human civilization unless we learn how to avoid danger. I believe that we should unite to call for the support of international treaties or the signing of open letters submitted to governments. Scientific and technological leaders and scientists should try their best to avoid the uncontrollable rise of artificial intelligence. Therefore, regulation and legislation are very important in the development of AI.


Through Darwinian evolution, aggression is deeply rooted in our genes. However, today’s technological development has accelerated to a certain extent, so that this aggression may destroy mankind in the form of nuclear war or biological war. We need logic and reason to control this innate instinct.


You may not be a person who hates ants, but you will also accidentally trample on ants. If you are responsible for a green energy project of hydropower, many ant nests may be flooded in the area where the project is located, which is very unfortunate for ants. We should avoid human being in the situation of these ants.


The greatest threat facing mankind is our own weakness, namely greed and stupidity. These basic attributes of human nature will make the situation worse in the era of artificial intelligence, because when the machine is programmed, it will know that enough is enough and it will flow back. However, it is difficult for human beings to break through the weaknesses of human nature unless they are highly cultivated, but robots can easily avoid these weaknesses.


We should also play a role in ensuring that the next generation not only has the opportunity, but also has the determination to participate fully in scientific research at an early stage, so that they can continue to realize their potential and help mankind create a better world.

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