How does AI help hackers steal your information

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2021 AI Hacker:Experts say AI assisted cyber attacks may invade your data. Bruce Schneier, a famous network security expert, said at a recent meeting that he was increasingly worried about the penetration of artificial intelligence into computer systems. In 2018, an AI driven network attack was launched against taskrabbit, attacking 3.75 million users.


Hackers will soon use artificial intelligence to delve into your computer

Bruce Schneier, a famous network security expert, said at a recent meeting that he was worried that the penetration of artificial intelligence into computer systems was inevitable. Experts say AI attacks are a growing threat.


“From the perspective of hackers, as artificial intelligence becomes more and more useful, users’ and consumers’ data may face greater risks,” said Andrew Douglas, a network security expert at Google, Deloitte risk and financial consulting. He said in an e-mail interview that hackers usually find the easiest target with the least effort, Artificial intelligence will enable them to target more defensive people in a shorter time. ”


Schneier is the latest person to warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Any good artificial intelligence system will naturally find hackers. It is reported that Schneier said at the recent meeting. ” They found new solutions because they lack human background. As a result, some of them will break human expectations. Therefore, a hacker. ”


Artificial smart phones enter your home

Hackers are already using artificial intelligence to spy on computers. An AI driven cyber attack was launched against taskrabbit in 2018. Chris hauk, the website’s consumer privacy advocate, said that this caused losses to 3.75 million users, but it proved impossible to track pixel privacy, he said in an email interview. He added: “hackers launched attacks using a large botnet controlled by artificial intelligence, which used slave machines to carry out large-scale DDoS attacks on taskrabbit’s servers.”.


 AI attacks


Ray Walsh pointed out that the machine learning algorithm was used to successfully penetrate Defcon’s system as early as 2016. In an email interview, the data privacy expert of proprivacy. At that time, seven teams participated in the DARPA challenge and won a prize of $2 million. ” In the challenge, competitors use artificial intelligence to find vulnerabilities, create vulnerabilities, and deploy patches through automated means, “he added.


Bruce young, a professor of network security at Harvard University, Harrisburg University of technology, said in an email interview that artificial intelligence is being used to control botnets, a group of computers damaged under the control of a bad actor to attack other computers.


“Artificial intelligence can be used to automatically collect a person’s information, such as bank, medical treatment, driver’s license and birthday,” he said. They can design a complex phishing attempt and send a seemingly legitimate e-mail to users. ”


Artificial intelligence can be used to hack the website comparitech by identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting them, said in an email interview. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can find patterns that humans will miss. These patterns can reveal weaknesses… AI can exploit these vulnerabilities… “Artificial intelligence and machine learning can find patterns that humans will miss,” he added. These patterns can reveal the weaknesses of target network security or operational security. AI can exploit these vulnerabilities faster than humans, but it is also more flexible than traditional robots. ”


Bishoff said that AI can change and improve attacks without human input. He also said: “AI is particularly suitable for hiding. It can be hidden in a system in which AI can collect data or launch attacks for a long time.”.


Protect yourself from AI

Unfortunately, there is nothing specific that users can do to protect themselves from AI hackers, Bischoff said. “Just follow the usual guidelines,” he said. “Minimize your digital footprint, update your software, use anti-virus software, use firewalls, Download reputable software only from reputable sources, and don’t click links or attachments in unsolicited emails.” However, be prepared for more AI guided attacks.


“Artificial intelligence is used for network security and network attacks. In the future, we may see artificial intelligence systems attacking each other,” Bischoff said. For example, artificial intelligence can be used to identify non-human behavior and take action against robots. On the contrary, robots can use artificial intelligence to more accurately simulate human behavior and bypass the robot detection system. ”


Kris Bondi, the company’s chief executive, said that state funded organizations would become a possible source of future AI hacker attacks, network security company mimoto said in an email interview. Bondi added: “this category has been driving the increase of increasingly complex violations.” if artificial intelligence is effectively used for hacker attacks, it may mean more and more complex intrusion attempts. This has an impact on individuals, infrastructure, corporate espionage and national security. “

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