The senseless brush AI system has sold you completely

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We have to admit that the emergence of face recognition has brought a lot of convenience to our life. You can unlock your mobile phone by brushing your face. You can enter the community without a key. You can go to the mall without a mobile phone. Brushing your face is a payment password, which reduces the time and cost wasted in the traditional cashier queue. For businesses, brushing your face can effectively reduce the cost of hiring a cashier, At the same time, it can also carry out user portraits with the help of big data and provide personalized marketing for users. Most importantly, face recognition also contributes to the national arrest of criminals. However, face recognition technology not only brings convenience to users, but also sells us as goods without perception.


The house was bought and our faces were “stolen”


According to the official account of the Amway Research Institute of the Supreme People’s court, when you enter the sales hall, the face recognition camera has already begun to photograph and record your face photos. Everything is quiet and unguarded. Moreover, without our complete knowledge, although some sales offices will indicate that “this Sales Office has installed a face recognition system, you have entered the video monitoring area, but we promise to ensure your face safety”, we did not explain where it is used. Developers recognize the face biological information of visiting customers, upload it to the cloud for storage, and finally the information will be distributed to the platform linked to housing developers. This is not the end. These platforms will be connected with distributors and intermediaries. In front, housing developers are only responsible for first-hand capture of face biological information. Most customers generally find housing intermediaries to buy a house. When customers are optimistic about the house and are ready to sign house purchase contracts with distributors and intermediaries, they need to enter ID card information. At this time, the input information will be matched and classified with the front face recognition information. In the housing sales market, this set of face brushing process is only a tool for developers to promote sales. With the help of face brushing identification, they can distinguish the sources of consumers, such as intermediaries, acquaintances or old owners’ recommendations, so as to facilitate Commission settlement for introducers.


Not only the sales hall, some shopping malls will also install face recognition systems to provide analysis of consumer groups, which can realize personalized recommendation and precision marketing. No matter what the business is used for, at least our face recognition information has been “attacked”, but the “water” of face recognition is very deep, which is not limited to unconscious face theft.


AI face recognition technology


AI face changing Carnival: his face was “sold”


The so-called AI face change is a human image synthesis technology based on artificial intelligence, which moves one person’s face to another through AI machine algorithm. The most popular AI face change is reflected in UGC video production. In the past, many up owners in station B changed the face of Star Idol video clips to others in order to make fun or funny, so as to make the content more dramatic. If it is pure joy, there are some criminals who transfer the face information of stars or plain people to the production of pornographic videos, making them forced to become the protagonists and heroines of the videos. If you dig deeply, it is estimated that there is also a set of pornographic video production and trading industry chain behind it. Either way, without the permission of the parties, infringes the portrait right of natural persons to some extent. Under the carnival of AI face changing, our biological information becomes extremely transparent and bare.


In addition, there are some AI face changing software, such as Zao app, which was popular earlier. By using AI face changing technology, you only need to have a face photo to make your own expression package. You can also play classic movie clips and play with stars on the same stage. In order to meet the illusion of close contact with favorite idols, many people are using this app, but not long after, they were interviewed because they were suspected of endangering the security of user information and data. Although many users use it voluntarily and consciously, we also package and “sell” our face data to the platform.


In case of phishing links, there is a risk of non secret face brushing payment


In addition to video production, AI face changing app, etc., we need to use face information data. In our daily life, we are also actively and consciously delivering our face information to some platforms. The most common one here is face brushing payment.


Different from the traditional payment method of password input process, secret free fingerprint payment and secret free face brushing payment mean that the payment process can be completed with one key fingerprint and one key face brushing. And when you go shopping in the mall, you can pay directly by brushing your face without a mobile phone. Your face is your payment password. It does save many users the time and cost of payment, but in special cases, it is full of risks. Many criminals add to your wechat or QQ friends in various ways, and then send you phishing links. The so-called phishing links mean that the account amount may be stolen after you click. Many users will set up their own Alipay, bank card or WeChat to pay for the free face. When you click on the illegal link, and the mobile phone is right in front of your face, then your account will show XX yuan in the next second. Obviously, such a convenient brush payment has become a means for criminals to get money.


App backstage not only grab the face: put on your clothes and then brush your face


As human biological information, face is unique. The above-mentioned face brushing payment is implemented based on the feature of face. In the process of use, the platform will scan and filter face information. In addition to being used as a payment function, many platforms are using face brushing to authenticate and identify users. Some time ago, a news was hot searched. When people use the app face recognition function, all the areas captured by the camera will be uploaded, but most users think that the face recognition area is only the “circle” displayed on the platform interface. Beyond the scope of that circle, others can’t see it. However, what we see is different from what the backstage personnel see, The backstage staff will see all the areas photographed by the camera, not just your face. It is reasonable that the platform should prompt when inputting the face, otherwise the user doesn’t know at all, and the invisible privacy will be seen out. In order to ensure their own information security, users not only need to remember to “dress and brush their face”, but also need to give users a sense of security.


In short, AI face recognition technology should have a set of feasible regulatory measures. Don’t let bad people carry out illegal activities with the help of face brushing and payment. The video platform also needs to rectify this. Changing faces is not changing if you want. UGC video production rules should be set, and it is not allowed to abuse other people’s portrait rights. Relevant apps need to set warm prompts to remind users when they brush their faces, so as to protect users’ privacy in an all-round way.


We should not deny the beauty and convenience brought by the immersion of face recognition in life, but its hidden loopholes also need to be repaired in time. Don’t finally scare everyone. They just want to wear masks and live carefully.

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