Baidu unmanned autonomous driving experience, is it really smart?

wu meijie Date: 2021-09-13 16:30:31
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Intelligent Driving is getting more and more mature, Baidu Apollo debuted in Shanghai on September 12, and eligible volunteers can experience the self-driving service from 9:30 to 23:00 every day. It was a rewarding experience to go for the first time in person.


The fifteen-minute journey from Shanghai International Automobile Building, through intersections, business districts and other sections, was almost indistinguishable from the usual driving road conditions.


From the back seat, of course, for safety reasons, there is still a safety officer in the main driver’s seat to avoid emergencies. And it was still raining that day, the safety officer would also dial the wiper from time to time to make the vision clearer. But during the driving process, the safety officer did not intervene.


Intelligent Driving


In the back, the screen in front of me and the center console screen displayed exactly the same content. Thanks to Baidu’s high-precision maps, the crosswalks, road signs, traffic signals and obstacles, etc., are all recognized clearly, which facilitates corresponding adjustments and changes to the road conditions. In the road, once also encountered pedestrians riding battery bikes, the vehicle can also be the first time to brake stop, to ensure the safety of both sides.


During the whole journey, the safety officer was off-hand, which means that everything was left to the autopilot system to solve by itself. During this period, whether it is overtaking and merging, stopping at red lights, starting at green lights, turning left or right, Baidu Apollo can do it all with ease, just like we drive ourselves.


I was satisfied with Baidu Apollo’s autonomous driving throughout the experience. Although it will take some time for L4 level autonomous driving to be really mass-produced, it is quite good that we can experience one now. It is reported that Baidu Apollo open demonstration application routes in Shanghai will be phased, orderly coverage of 150 trial sites, demonstration application scenarios are very rich, covering “residential areas, commercial areas, office areas, rail transit and public transport lines,” to meet the user public transport feeder, daily commute, business leisure and other experience It can meet the needs of users for public transportation, daily commuting, business and leisure travels.


At the same time, during the demonstration period, Baidu will also fully guarantee the safety and orderly operation of the test ride volunteers and roads. So if you are interested in autonomous driving, experience it for yourself.

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