Four highlights behind the 2021 world intelligent networked automobile Conference

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To some extent, every year’s world intelligent networked automobile conference is engraved with the characteristics of the times and the development characteristics of the industry. In 2018, the World Conference on Intelligent connected vehicles was held for the first time in Shunyi, Beijing, and has been in its fourth year. In just four years, the intelligent Internet connected automobile industry has almost undergone earth shaking changes: intelligent vehicles have become the rookie in the automobile market and have become the leading role in the twinkling of an eye; Automatic driving begins to combine with intelligent vehicles, which is closer to people’s daily life; Network security, data collection and other words that were difficult to contact with cars have gradually become topics that must be discussed in the intelligent automobile industry.


In this year’s world intelligent networked automobile conference, some new changes have begun to appear. These changes may imply that the intelligent vehicle industry is moving towards a new stage of development.


On September 25, the 2021 world intelligent networked automobile conference with the theme of “introducing Xinhui wisdom and creating the future” was officially held in Shunyi, Beijing. We were also able to compare this conference with previous years and understand the industry trends from the nuances.


The scale of the exhibition is huge

Compared with last year, the scale of the world intelligent networked automobile conference has increased in terms of the number of exhibitors, the number of exhibition vehicles and the number of visitors. The exhibition hall covering an area of about 50000 square meters can accommodate more than 180 exhibitors and 80000 visitors. In order to show the product information of different links such as perception, algorithm, communication, execution and terminal in detail, the exhibition focuses on three chapters: Industrial reengineering, integrated application and harmonious symbiosis, and adopts a combination of indoor and outdoor methods, including “smart car”, “smart road”, “flexible network”, “intelligent core”, “powerful cloud” and “accurate map” “Clean power”, “future oriented collaborative innovation”, “future travel” and other 10 indoor and outdoor exhibition areas.


It is worth noting that the exhibition also set up an interactive section of “car and life” to increase the popularization of intelligent connected vehicles to the public by adding technology and professionals and cooperating with a series of activities. In addition, nearly 150 industry insiders from governments, international organizations, universities, industries and other fields will also participate in forums and meetings, including high-end dialogue, closed door meetings, theme summits and so on.


It is reported that experts and entrepreneur representatives, including Li Yuwei, director of the Sustainable Transportation Department of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Joseph Sifakis, winner of the Turing Award in 2007, Guo Renzhong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the board of directors of China FAW Group, focused on the development status of the intelligent Internet connected automobile industry Deliver keynote speeches on enterprise strategic planning and future development trend.


Among them, the main forum meeting cooperated with the dialogue column of CCTV for the first time. Li Keqiang, chief scientist of the national intelligent network automobile innovation center and professor of Tsinghua University, Wang Xiaoqiu, President of Shanghai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Feng Xingya, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Cheng Peng, CEO of Beijing siweitu New Technology Co., Ltd., and other enterprise representatives focused on Start a dialogue on the theme of “a new journey to become a powerful automobile: the road to safe development of intelligent networked vehicles”.


Compared with last year, the scale of this year’s World Conference on Intelligent connected vehicles is larger, which seems to show that China has stepped out of the haze of the epidemic and regained the past appearance of the rapid development of intelligent connected vehicles.


Automobile safety has attracted much attention

Since the “two sessions” this year Since the convening of the conference, the data security and network security issues of intelligent connected vehicles have been mentioned more and more frequently, and these two issues are also key words in this year’s world intelligent connected vehicle conference. Yu Chunjun, deputy director of the Traffic Management Science Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, believes that data security has become a new topic of road traffic management, and there are two major problems at present There are security vulnerabilities in automobile identity authentication and certain security risks in road test facilities.


2021 world intelligent networked automobile Conference


He said that at present, the country has carried out relevant research on the above problems, including the annual inspection specification of new energy intelligent networked vehicles, digital identity authentication, security risk prevention of vehicle road coordination roadside facilities, etc. Generally speaking, there are 4 to 6 vulnerabilities in 1000 lines of code, and the current code volume of intelligent networked vehicles has reached 10 million to 300 million, which means that There may be many network security vulnerabilities in intelligent networked vehicles.


“Any network security problem in the car may enlarge the risk of personal safety, property safety and data security, which may cause harm to people. Therefore, in order to develop intelligent connected vehicles, we must put security in front, and take it into account in design, actual operation and emergency, so as to ensure the smooth and better development of intelligent connected vehicles.” Zhang Jianxin, President of 360 industrial Internet Security Research Institute, said.


He also mentioned that in 2019, 360 found and repaired 19 loopholes in Mercedes Benz cars, and hackers can remotely operate more than 2 million cars through the loopholes.


Wang Jian, founder of Alibaba cloud, has a similar view. He believes that the increasing amount of code will lead to defects in the network security of on-board systems. In addition, due to the interconnection of everything, big data and vehicle end networking, vehicle security is facing various threats.


To solve this problem, Wu Zhixin, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of China Automotive Technology Center, put forward: “build an automobile comprehensive safety system integrating active and passive safety, network data safety and functional safety.”


Wu Zhixin suggested: “The development of intelligent connected vehicles should not only realize rule innovation, but also build a solid bottom line of basic safety guarantee; the development of intelligent connected vehicles should not only pay attention to product functions, but also pay attention to the guarantee ability of enterprise system; the standard system of intelligent connected vehicles should not only support management, but also guide the long-term development of industrial technology; the testing of intelligent connected vehicles should not only strengthen overall planning, but also avoid excess resources Lead to waste; products should not only pay attention to public acceptance and value experience, but also prevent exaggerated publicity and excessive trust. ”


It is understood that the government has issued policies and regulations related to data security and network security. With the close attention of all parties, a more perfect legal system may usher in.


The first “national intelligent driving test competition” was held

The “national intelligent driving test competition” will be added to the world intelligent connected vehicle conference. The organizing committee said that the test will understand the current development of intelligent connected vehicles in China through three links: live competition, professional test and analysis and evaluation.


The first “national intelligent driving test competition” is divided into preliminary competition, regional competition and final. The preliminary competition and regional competition will be held from June to August, and the final will be held during the world intelligent network automobile conference, and the winners will be awarded bonuses and honorary certificates.


It is reported that 89 enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and individual car owners participated in the competition, and finally 49 car enterprises and automatic driving companies including FAW, great wall, BYD, Tesla and Xiaopeng automobile participated in the “national intelligent driving test competition” Finals. In the finals, each team will be divided into three categories and eight groups, and must carry out 11 test items, including pedestrian crossing and avoidance in blind areas, continuous obstacle identification and response, traffic light identification, automatic emergency braking, meeting vehicles in opposite lanes, lane line identification and response, conflict passage of left turning vehicles, etc.


After a two-day final competition, the event officially announced the winners on the 28th. Enterprises including FAW Jiefang, mushroom car Federation and Fukuda Zhilan won different awards. Among them, FAW Jiefang won the “annual Model Award for intelligent driving of commercial vehicles”.


It is understood that the J7 super truck of FAW Jiefang is equipped with the super intelligent driving system developed by Zhitu technology. This is the first public appearance of another high-level intelligent driving system for mass production developed by Zhitu technology since it supplied the intelligent driving system to FAW Jiefang in bulk in July this year.


Public information shows that this J7 super truck equipped with the new system (hereinafter referred to as J7 super truck) Mainly for trunk logistics scenarios, its odd adds Expressway Ramp scenarios on the basis of Expressway trunk roads, and focuses on creating NGP functions. After the driver enters the destination, the global path planning is automatically generated. Combined with centimeter level high-precision positioning, the automatic driving from expressway toll collection station to toll station can be realized.


Its autopilot system can analyze future road conditions and traffic flow information through high-precision map, sensing system and prediction algorithm. Aiming at energy consumption conditions such as climbing roads and winding roads, dynamic programming modeling is used to solve the optimal control strategy of fuel saving. In order to improve driving safety, this J7 super truck adds Redundant Steering system and redundant braking system. The system can still ensure the safety and controllability of the vehicle in case of failure of the main actuator.


In addition, the automatic driving system adopts vehicle gauge parts and combines the dual controller scheme to design three heterogeneous security control loops to ensure “intelligence quotient”. In order to ensure data security, J7 super truck also adopts information security four-layer defense in depth system and disaster prevention data storage unit to carry out penetration test and fuzzy test in depth, so as to effectively block external intrusion and ensure data security.


It is reported that, as the world’s first mass-produced intelligent driving heavy truck upgrade product, the FAW Jiefang J7 super truck equipped with this new system is planned to be put on the market in 2022. In fact, the predecessor of this competition is the automatic driving demonstration experience activity that has been held for three consecutive sessions, which was officially upgraded to the national intelligent driving test competition this year.


Sufficient industry confidence

In the national policy guidelines, many companies bet on smart connected vehicles, as well as “carbon neutralization” and “carbon peak” In the context of this conference, many people seem to have believed that intelligent connected vehicles will become the main theme of the industry. Liu Zhao, Vice Minister of public security, directly proposed in his speech at the world intelligent connected vehicles conference that electrification, intelligence and networking have become the development trend and trend of the automotive industry.


At present, the penetration rate of L2 passenger car new car market has reached 20%, a total of more than 3500 kilometers of roads have been upgraded intelligently, and more than 5 million vehicles are equipped with networked terminals. Against this background, Xiao Yaqing, Secretary of the Party group and Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the development of intelligent networked vehicles will be the strategic direction of a manufacturing power, adhering to the combination of single vehicle intelligence and networked power Line development path.


Wang Zhiqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport, also believes that the development of automatic driving should adhere to the coordinated integration of smart cars and smart roads. He further said that the development of automatic driving must respect the development law and adhere to the scene driven. Wang Guodong, director of FAW, believes that “five modernizations of technology + five modernizations of industry” The interaction of is profoundly changing the current and future development pattern of the automobile industry, and will become the core link of reconstructing and reconstructing the car · new world.


Among them, “five technologies” refers to electrification, intelligent networking, driving experience, safety and health, energy conservation and consumption reduction; “five industries” refers to green and low-carbon, digital intelligence, sharing, industrial block and ecology. In order to deeply participate in the changes of the times, Wang Guoqiang said that FAW will realize the electrification of most independent passenger car products by 2030.


Tesla CEO musk also publicly said at the conference that he would continue to expand investment in China and has established a data center in China.


It is not difficult to see from the words and actions of government leaders and heads of automobile enterprises that China’s intelligent networked automobile industry is ushering in an unprecedented high light moment, which may continue thereafter.



To some extent, every year’s world intelligent networked automobile conference is engraved with the characteristics of the times and the development characteristics of the industry. Last year’s world intelligent networked automobile conference added new infrastructure exhibition areas and anti epidemic special areas. This year, more attention is paid to narrowing the distance between intelligent networked automobiles and the general public.


Industry people from all over the world gathered together to expound their views on the current situation of the development of intelligent vehicles and make concerted efforts to promote the development of intelligent networked vehicles to a higher level. At present, intelligent networked vehicles have been preliminarily integrated into people’s daily life, and various problems in this process also need to be solved and improved by the government, enterprises and individuals.

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