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At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the extraordinary year of 2020 has turned over, all major brands are extremely “not easy”, some car companies directly eliminated; Some car companies grasp the nettle quickly change strategy, create their own wonderful in adversity. Dongfeng Nissan, which is looking for opportunities in the crisis, is a typical example of going up all the way. Its sales volume has exceeded one million for five consecutive years. In 2020, it even set a sales Flag of over one million one month in advance.


In the face of 2021, full of unknown and challenges, Dongfeng Nissan with the “technical Nissan” heritage, constantly on the “wisdom” high. As early as 2020 Chengdu Auto show, Dongfeng Nissan on the first “wisdom” people, intelligent future plan; At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, Dongfeng Nissan unveiled the pure electric crossover SUV Model Ariya. At the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show, Dongfeng Nissan released the “Nissan Power Team”; This year, Dongfeng Nissan self driving car will launch the first new model equipped with E-power technology in China…


The automobile market usher in the great change of intelligence, the Marseille effect is becoming more and more intense, all of Dongfeng Nissan can achieve sustainable growth, behind is a series of core technology, the most key and its constant acceleration of the “Nissan wisdom” strategy landing firm determination. In the new consumption era, let young consumers experience more wonderful “people, cars and life” in advance. So, “technology nissan” unique technology “secret book” what in the end? Maybe we can in dongfeng nissan 2021 music from the “smart mobile big sofa ” to find the answer.


Not only comfortable, the appearance, interior comprehensive upgrade

Come all the time, to the consumer that pursues comfortable character, day fastens medium of 3 jie “big sofa” nature sounds is first selection undoubtedly. The 2021 Teana launched last October with the slogan “more than comfort”. First of all, the 2021 Teana has made considerable innovations in appearance and interior decoration, which are more in line with the needs of young consumers.


Dongfeng Nissan self driving car


Appearance stylish atmosphere, 2021 teana new red black and white black appearance. In addition, in addition to the 2.0-L entry-level model, the new Tesound is also equipped with 17-inch and larger wheel rims, LED headlights and LED daytime running lights for sharper visual effects. It’s worth mentioning that the new Tetra also comes with the Phantom set, which includes unique look accessories such as the smoked black tail tag, chrome trim on the front grille, rim, rear spoiler, Midnight personality tail tag and so on. The interior provides additional luxury LED welcome pedals and exclusive carpets.


As for the interior, the 2021 Teana remains familiar, offering LCD meters, a large center screen and a three-panel multi-function steering wheel. In addition, the new car also in the door panel and the central control area to join the piano paint, wood decorative panels and soft materials, more high-grade sense.


Super intelligent + Super intelligent driving, can be called the “strongest brain” of automobile

The 2021 Teana is equipped with the Nissan Connect Superintelligent system, and its highlight is “intelligence”. Theory of function and technology, the intelligent system is “miraculous”, is a function at the super, super car networking system, set the functions of remote control, voice control, vehicle online service, remote real-time monitoring function, full-time online navigation, online entertainment six function areas, to complete the 21 items function upgrade, with a total of 59 function, Let consumers enjoy a more convenient, efficient and safe travel life.


In addition to the super intelligent system, the 2021 Teana is still worthy of the name “super intelligent driving”. The 2021 Teana will transfer the L2-level driver assistance system ProPILOT to the 199,800 2.0L XL Upper AD1 Smart Pilot, enabling more people to enjoy the commuting convenience brought by driver assistance system. ProPILOT is nissan’s first self-driving assistance system to be installed in a production vehicle, and is considered the “strongest brain” in the automotive industry. With a click of the button, the system can achieve full speed autonomous cruise, lane keeping, steering control and automatic following.


It should be noted that the ProPILOT system is based on nissan’s 20 years of driver assistance technology, which has been launched in Japan, North America and Europe since 2016. In China, dongfeng Nissan, which has always been cautious, installed the intelligent system on its models after 330,000 kilometers of road testing.


Compared with the intelligent driver assistance system of its competitors, Nissan’s L2 ProPILOT super Intelligent driving system has unique highlights. First of all, TA’s sensitivity is extremely high. For example, the lane-keeping system will give a warning if there is a slight deviation, and the system will apply reverse force on the steering wheel to make the vehicle return to the correct lane line. The faster the car, the higher the frequency of adjustment.


In addition, its safety awareness is higher than the intelligent driving system of the same class. Now, many car brands are touting their autonomous driving systems as “hands-free” and “feet free” in an effort to demonstrate high intelligence. But under current road conditions, the risk is very high. ProPILOT’s Smart Drive system, on the other hand, alerts when it detects that the driver’s hands are away from the wheel. If you leave for more than 10 seconds, the vehicle starts to have a frequency of braking. If you still don’t put your hands on the steering wheel within 30 seconds, the system will automatically reduce the speed to about 60km/h, turn on the double flash, and continue to slow down until the vehicle stops completely.


It can be seen that dongfeng Nissan ProPILOT super intelligent driving system and the intelligent driving assistance system installed in the 100,000-class autonomous models are not comparable. It is reported that Dongfeng Nissan ProPILOT super intelligent driving system will be gradually installed in its mainstream products, to 2022, equipped with ProPILOT super intelligent driving technology models will reach 5, to 2023, ProPILOT super intelligent driving system loading rate will achieve 70% of the whole series of models.


Nissan power group, three power technology is the key to victory

Chip is the lifeblood of the mobile communication industry. Then the power system often determines how far an automobile brand can go, and it is the embodiment of its core strength. According to a survey, the post-90s generation pay more attention to the configuration of car parameters, safety and power.


In terms of power, the 2021 Teama is equipped with 2.0L naturally aspirated and 2.0T turbocharged engines. The former has a maximum power of 115kW and a peak torque of 197 N · m respectively. In terms of transmission, the CVT continuously variable transmission is matched with the engine. The latter has a maximum power of 179kW and a peak torque of 371 n · m. In terms of transmission, it also matches the CVT continuously variable transmission. Among them, the VC-Turbo supervariant engine has been carried on the seventh generation teana.


The world’s only mass-produced variable compression ratio turbocharged engine contains 300 innovative technologies. After 30,000 hours of technical tests and 3 million kilometers of road tests, it achieves the perfect combination of strong power and ultra-low fuel consumption, enabling consumers to have both “fish and bear’s cake”. Meanwhile, vC-Turbo’s supervariant engine 2019 and 2020 have been listed as ward’s Top 10 engines for two consecutive years. This year, Dongfeng Nissan will launch a new model with the technology; By 2025, Dongfeng Nissan will equip three models with vC-Turbo supervariant engines, accounting for 30% of sales.


In addition, the Nissan E-Power is also a bright spot, the POWER system can achieve gasoline-generated, full-time electric drive. Compared with Toyota’s “THS” and Honda’s “I-MMD” hybrid, Nissan e-Power has better smoothness and tranquility in POWER output. Moreover, the E-Power r&d team adjusts the POWER system according to the CHARACTERISTICS of GT-R turbo acceleration driving force, so that E-Power has strong POWER acceleration performance and low fuel consumption performance. This year, Dongfeng Nissan will launch the first new model equipped with E-Power technology in China; A total of six models with E-Power technology will be launched by 2025.

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