How can car owners achieve on-road parking through artificial intelligence

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On-road parking is one of the main applications of artificial intelligence. The algorithm to vehicle characteristics included in the cloud, analysis of the vehicle trajectory, outline, color, interior decoration, the vehicle appearance, license plate, models, brands, parking time and out of time, to generate the order sent to the owners of information carrier, such as: mobile phones, tablet computers, network television, refrigerator display, car central control panel, etc. The owner can process the order through the above carrier after leaving the field, and will not miss the opportunity to process the order because of the lack of information. How it is achieved, this is the special part of artificial intelligence, here is a brief introduction of how the car owners using # AI # to achieve on-road parking.


Stop in high video lane


artificial intelligence


Parking on the road is only a small part of artificial intelligence, which, like the human brain, collects information, analyzes it and produces results. The moment when you launch vehicles, near AI camera is activated for the identification of the vehicles, each out of a road, vehicle information will be communicated to the next AI camera, it will take you the moment the moment a launch vehicle to convey the message to the next AI camera, so on, the entire process of driving record is complete. When you park in an on-road parking space, this is an order information, the high position camera will identify the vehicle and record the parking time. During the parking process, the high AI camera will continuously monitor the vehicle, which also ensures the safety of the vehicle to a certain extent. Until the vehicle pulls out of the berth, a parking end time is created. The AI camera will distribute the information to the charging system, which will calculate the order fee and then transmit it to the cloud server, which will transmit it to the owner’s information carrier. For example, if your parking time is within the free period, “The parking order charge for this section is zero yuan, you do not need any operation” will be issued. After the free time, the fee will be calculated according to the parking time: “You need to pay X yuan (X represents the figure) for this order, please pay in time, so as not to affect your credit”.


All things connected


Intelligent parking is realized in the in-road parking through artificial intelligence, which is also an important part of parking management in smart city. Some of the information carriers mentioned above, how artificial intelligence can communicate these information, thanks to the function of the Internet of Things, and equipped with 5G transmission technology, everything can be connected, so the in-road parking is only a small part of artificial intelligence. It brings convenience to people’s life, parking without worry.

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