How did Xiaopeng P5 achieve the goal of fully surpassing its peers in auxiliary driving ability?

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On Wednesday, the third model P5 of Xiaopeng automobile was officially launched, with a price of 157900 ~ 223900, and will be officially delivered at the end of October. As a car that Xiaopeng automobile has spent a lot of energy to build, P5 realizes the spatial feeling of class B car in space, but the most commendable thing is that as a family sedan, Xiaopeng P5’s intelligent auxiliary driving ability leads the cars of the same level.


For the auxiliary driving system, more sensors mean that the blind angle of the vehicle itself is less, and the safety will be higher in the actual use process. Xiaopeng P5 adopts the most 32 sensors at the same level to ensure the perceived safety of the vehicle to the greatest extent. Most importantly, P5 will also be the first mass production vehicle equipped with lidar in China.


In addition, Xiaopeng automobile has also developed the intelligent auxiliary driving system xpilot 3.5 in the whole stack. The powerful software and hardware system makes Xiaopeng P5 also have stronger intelligent auxiliary driving ability.


After the OTA upgrade, Xiaopeng P5 will have stronger high-speed NGP function and cross floor parking memory parking function. The most surprising thing is that after the upgrade, it will have urban NGP, which can carry out intelligent assisted driving on urban expressways, urban trunk roads and secondary trunk roads connected with high-speed covered by high-precision map.


It can be said that the intelligent driving assistance function of Xiaopeng P5 is very competitive both in terms of hardware configuration and function richness. As a smart car that can be continuously upgraded, Xiaopeng P5 may bring more surprises to consumers in the future.


1、 32 sensors surround the body P5 to improve the sensing ability of mass production vehicles

Xiaopeng P5 is the third car since the establishment of Xiaopeng automobile, and it is also Xiaopeng’s main model in the sedan market segment. Although the positioning is a family sedan, the configuration of Xiaopeng P5 exceeds most family sedan models. Xiaopeng P5 is ahead of its peers in terms of spatial performance and intelligence.


Among the many product highlights, the intelligent driving assistance function is undoubtedly one of the biggest competitiveness of Xiaopeng P5, which is inseparable from the powerful hardware configuration of Xiaopeng P5.


It is understood that Xiaopeng P5 is equipped with 13 high-definition cameras, including one forward-looking three eye camera, four look around monocular cameras “There are 5 monocular cameras for intelligent assisted driving and 1 driver detection camera. These 12 external cameras basically cover all areas of the vehicle body, eliminating the blind area, and the camera in the vehicle can also ensure that the driver’s driving status is always online.


Lidar under Xiaopeng P5 rearview mirror

Five millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars are also used around the vehicle. These sensors can also eliminate the blind area of the vehicle in close range and further improve the perceived safety of the vehicle. It is worth noting that the 550p and 600P versions of Xiaopeng P5 are also the first to be equipped with lidar, that is, Xiaopeng P5 is equipped with 32 sensors at most, and there will be a group of high-precision sensors Bit unit (GNSS + IMU).


The multi-sensor scheme is very important to improve the safety of assisted driving. In the actual driving process, some sensors may have a certain perception blind area due to their own defects or temporary faults, and the joint action of multiple types of sensors can minimize this probability.


Meanwhile, with the 550p and 600P versions, Xiaopeng P5 has also become the world’s first listed model equipped with lidar (Audi A8 is known as the world’s first, but the relevant configurations are not sold).


auxiliary driving function


Lidar carried by Xiaopeng P5

Lidar is very important for intelligent assisted driving. When lidar works, it emits the laser, and then refracts it back to be received by CMOS sensor after encountering an object. Finally, a laser point cloud information will be formed.


Unlike cameras and other radars, the information detected by lidar is three-dimensional. It can not only accurately detect the distance, but also simulate the shape of obstacles. The obtained information is more perfect and specific, which can further improve the accuracy of perception.


The HAP lidar provided by livox Lanwo technology is used in Xiaopeng P5. The single horizontal angle of view is 120 °, the maximum detection distance can reach 150m, the angular resolution is up to 0.16 * 0.2 °, and the point cloud density is equivalent to 144 line lidar. In addition, the lidar is not affected by ambient light, and the spatial resolution is higher. Even black low reflectivity targets can be detected to ensure FCW / AEB / ACC, etc The safety of high-order auxiliary driving function in high-speed driving.


Through the matching lineup of sensors of lidar + millimeter wave radar + ultrasonic radar + camera, the detection ability of Xiaopeng P5 for pedestrians, static obstacles and small objects is comprehensively improved. It can also fully cope with the scene of night, weak light, backlight and alternating light and dark, which is more suitable for China’s complex road conditions.


2、 The auxiliary driving function is fully upgraded and can also be used on urban roads

Strong hardware perception also needs to be combined with good software system and computing support. In this regard, Xiaopeng automobile has also made a lot of efforts.


In terms of computing power and algorithm, Xiaopeng P5 is equipped with NVIDIA Xavier supercomputing platform, and the computing power of the vehicle can reach 30tops, which is also the only model in the same level. In addition, Xiaopeng automobile has also developed a new xpilot 3.5 intelligent auxiliary driving system in the whole stack. With powerful hardware system and excellent algorithm, the intelligent auxiliary driving ability of Xiaopeng P5 also shows strong competitiveness 。


Xiaopeng P5 will have xpilot 3.5 intelligent assisted driving system

With the support of lidar, Xiaopeng P5 will have the functions of acc-l full speed adaptive endurance system enhanced version and lcc-l lane centering control enhanced version, comprehensively upgrade the traditional auxiliary driving function, and more accurately identify congested vehicles, stationary vehicles and small objects. However, for Xiaopeng, the traditional auxiliary driving is not Xiaopeng’s core competitiveness, which is on Xiaopeng P7 The high-speed NGP (navigation guided pilot) function has been realized.


NGP display of Xiaopeng Expressway

Official data show that Xiaopeng NGP has achieved an average of 0.71 times of taking over 100 kilometers, with a success rate of 94.41% for lane changing and overtaking, 92.76% for ramp passing and 94.95% for tunnel passing. However, this is not the focus to be emphasized this time, but the high-speed NGP function has been further upgraded on Xiaopeng P5, and a high-speed ngp-l intelligent navigation aid has been launched Driving enhancements.


On the expressway covered by high-precision map, the driver only needs to be in the monitoring state, and the vehicle can cruise intelligently according to the navigation path, including intelligent up and down ramps, intelligent high-speed switching, optimal Lane selection, intelligent assisted overtaking, intelligent speed limit adjustment and other functions. After adding lidar, the vehicle can identify congested vehicles earlier, and can also stop traffic in congested sections Good driving performance.


In addition to realizing the NGP function on the expressway, Xiaopeng P5 has added the urban NGP function, which will be upgraded in the future. As the name suggests, the urban NGP refers to that on the urban expressway, urban trunk road and secondary trunk road covered by the high-precision map, the vehicle can intelligently assist the driver to drive according to the navigation route, and can successfully pass through the traffic light intersection, follow the vehicle, overtake and adjust intelligently Speed limit and roundabout.


Xiaopeng P5 City NGP Engineering Edition

In terms of function, Xiaopeng’s urban NGP function is close to the FSD beat V10 currently being tested by Tesla, but Tesla has only conducted internal testing to some users in the United States, and there is still no domestic test. In other words, Xiaopeng P5 will be the first vehicle type to launch urban NGP function in China.


In addition to these functions, the memory parking function launched by Xiaopeng automobile this year will be further improved. Vehicles can enter from the entrance of the parking lot, realize intelligent assisted driving to the parking space under the monitoring of the driver, and then complete parking and warehousing. With the support of lidar, the ability of vehicles to meet, bypass and avoid pedestrians will be stronger, and cross floor parking can be realized Memory parking.


Intelligent assisted driving ability has always been one of Xiaopeng’s strengths. It has a good performance on P7, and P5 has made further progress in software and hardware configuration, which also means that P5’s intelligent assisted driving ability will be further.


3、 Lidar’s first mass production vehicle Xiaopeng automobile leads the industry

When using the auxiliary driving function of the vehicle, all decisions made by the vehicle are made according to the surrounding real-time environment, so the body sensor is equivalent to the “eyes” of the vehicle, and the quality of the “eyes” of the vehicle directly determines the driving behavior.


In previous mass production vehicles, the sensors were mainly camera, millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic radar. Although these three types of sensors can also cover basic scenes, they also have their own defects. The detection range of millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic radar is relatively short, while the camera head is vulnerable to problems such as light and occlusion.


Lidar will not be affected by light, and the detection distance is longer. It is a very ideal sensor, so lidar is mostly used in L4 driverless taxis. Since lidar has so many advantages, why didn’t lidar be used in mass-produced vehicles before?


This is mainly limited by the cost. The cost of tens of thousands of yuan is doomed to make it difficult for lidar to appear on mass production vehicles. On the other hand, mechanical lidar is also difficult to pass the vehicle regulation certification.


Two lidars are installed on both sides in front of Xiaopeng P5

However, as more players enter the field of lidar, the cost of lidar has been significantly reduced. At the same time, solid-state lidar also has the ability to pass the vehicle regulation certification. Therefore, it is possible for lidar to be mass produced on mass production vehicles.


Since this year, many car companies have announced that they will use lidar in the next car. This year is also known as the first year of mass production of lidar, but Xiaopeng is undoubtedly the first enterprise to install lidar on mass production vehicles.


With the continuous development of intelligent assisted driving, lidar will also become an indispensable part of mass production vehicles. In this matter, Xiaopeng automobile has been at the forefront of the industry.


Xiaopeng automobile continues to upgrade its intelligence

Among many car companies, although Xiaopeng automobile was not established early, in terms of intelligence, Xiaopeng automobile is undoubtedly one of the leading car companies. In terms of intelligent driving, Xiaopeng has carried out a 3000 km long march to prove his strength. In terms of intelligent cockpit, Xiaopeng automobile can also complete almost all instructions through voice assistant.


On the Xiaopeng P5, these functions have been retained. Due to the addition of lidar, the intelligent driving level of the P5 has even been greatly improved. Qualcomm’s latest 8155 car machine chip has also improved the intelligence of the cabin to a higher level. It can be said that although Xiaopeng car has not entered the automotive industry for a long time, each product can bring unique benefits to consumers Intelligent experience.

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