In the era of intelligent mobile travel, is Nissan ready?

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Nissan intelligent mobility:In this revolutionary transformation process of actively embracing change, Nissan’s thinking and strategic layout may be more comprehensive than any auto enterprise. As the first large-scale international auto show this year, under the atmosphere of gradual improvement of consumption environment and more urgent task of transformation, this Shanghai auto show with the theme of “embracing change” has also become an important stage for major auto enterprises to display new technologies and products.


Among them, as the mainstream of traditional car companies and the representative car company whose traditional team took the lead in starting on the electric track, Nissan has brought the core model of “Nissan next enterprise transformation plan” – the new generation Qijun and the latest electric drive powertrain system – Nissan E-power technology, And Nissan ariya, the master of the latest technology of Nissan Zhixing .


From the whole technical lineup and product lineup, we can see Nissan’s confidence and strength in future electrification and intelligent networking. At present, Nissan is facing how to rely on the accumulation of technology to lead the future market.


Gupta, the representative executive officer and chief operating officer of Nissan, as well as Zhuang Ping Yamazaki, senior vice president of Nissan, chairman of Nissan China Management Committee and President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., once again disclosed the clear layout rhythm of its technology transformation strategy to the market through in-depth exchanges with the media. How important is the Chinese market for overseas auto enterprises? It is believed that the global car market turmoil caused by the epidemic in 2020 is sufficient proof.


In the past 2020, affected by the downturn environment in the cold winter of the epidemic superimposed auto market and the urgent atmosphere of the transformation mission of intelligence and electrification, China’s auto market took the lead in recovery and strong recovery, which greatly buffered the global crisis. Thanks to the strong performance of the Chinese market, Nissan’s sales in the global market in 2020 also achieved the expected results. According to the data, the market share of Nissan reached 11.9% in the fourth quarter of 2020 (October December), and increased to 12.4% in the first quarter of 2021 (January March).


“Judging from the data performance, the improvement and promotion of Nissan’s business is inseparable from the outstanding performance of the Chinese market.” Gupta said, “Nissan’s best-selling models, Nissan Xuanyi and Qijun, have achieved very good sales in the Chinese market, which is why we are full of confidence in the future development in China.”


nissan intelligent mobility


It is worth mentioning that such confidence is not only based on the existing sales performance, but also on its clear understanding of the future transformation route and changes in market demand.


Yamazaki zhuangping said, “in the” Nissan next “enterprise transformation plan, the Chinese market is one of our core markets. The needs of Chinese consumers change rapidly, and the competition in the Chinese market is becoming more and more fierce. In the face of Chinese consumers, we want to achieve differentiated advantages, and we will continue to provide differentiated products and services for Chinese consumers in the future.”


Nissan next transformation, E-power continues to add weight

In view of this, Nissan next enterprise transformation plan is the key to realizing differentiated advantages. Gupta also revealed the specific plan for business rationalization in three aspects. Gupta said that the first is to optimize the production capacity to 5.4 million units; Secondly, optimize the product lineup and pay attention to the global core market and core products of the brand; Third, focus on the future performance of the enterprise.


In terms of capacity optimization, in order to achieve more reasonable planning and arrangement, Nissan has cut some markets with low profits, closed and optimized some factories, and abandoned some business opportunities that are not conducive to the sustainable development of the enterprise, so as to reduce the global capacity. Gupta: “so far, we have completed the objectives of the first phase.”


At the same time, the three core markets, mainly China, the United States and Japan, have also improved their market share and sales quality. According to Gupta, at present, Nissan’s unit income is increasing in these three core markets, mainly due to the continuous improvement of value and the recognition and acceptance of new products and technologies by the market and consumers.


Nissan is well prepared for future development

According to Nissan’s plan, the VC turbo super variable engine carried by the new generation Qijun will be carried on three models by 2025; Nissan E-power technology will soon be installed on Nissan Xuanyi. By 2025, there will be 9 electric drive models in the Chinese market; By the end of 2022, Nissan Pro pilot super intelligent driving will be carried on five models. By 2024, Nissan connect will be equipped on 9 models.


It is not difficult to find that through Nissan E-power technology, VC turbo super variable engine, pro pilot super intelligent driving technology, Nissan connect super intelligent alliance and other technologies developed by the entity, Nissan has covered key core fields such as intelligent Internet connection, intelligent driving and electrification. Facing the future, Nissan has built a high wall of technical strength.


In this regard, Gupta also showed enough confidence, “China is at the forefront of mobile travel development in the future, and Nissan is ready to invest in it, focusing on promoting the innovation of intelligent networking, intelligent driving and electric drive technology. At the same time, Nissan will continue to introduce the most advanced innovative technology and future mobile travel achievements to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.”


In fact, no matter how the industry changes and evolves, in the face of future uncertainty, the mastery of technology is still the key core for auto enterprises to resist competition and launch a counterattack. From this point of view, Nissan, with its technological foundation, must also have a steady transformation attitude for the future transformation. I believe that with the gradual arrival of its strategic planning node, Nissan will also rely on technology to bring a more intelligent technology experience to the Chinese market.

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