Intelligent driving enters a new era, ADAS advanced driver assistance system becomes standard

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Intelligent driving technology has entered a new stage, and ADAS, as a standard equipment of L2 level, is gradually receiving attention from the government and the industry. “In order to protect driving safety and reduce traffic accidents, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have issued a document announcing the installation of ADAS in two passenger and one dangerous vehicles, and research and development to promote ADAS standard work, these initiatives are sufficient to show that the domestic ADAS advanced driver assistance system will enter a period of rapid development.


ADAS advanced driver assistance system


ADAS is called Advanced Driver Assistance System, mainly using the vehicle equipped with a camera, with radar, laser sensors and other equipment, through the computer to people driving the vehicle necessary assistance, and to ensure driving safety, active cruise, lane keeping, collision warning, fatigue monitoring, etc. are part of the functions within the ADAS system.


ADAS as an intelligent driving technology, for most people is still relatively unfamiliar, the knowledge of ADAS is still not enough: ADAS advanced driving assistance system is the use of a variety of sensors installed in the car, in the car driving process at any time to sense the surrounding environment, collect data, static, dynamic object recognition, detection and tracking, and combined with the navigator map data, the system of computing and analysis, so that the driver can detect the possible danger in advance, effectively increase the comfort and safety of car driving.


At present, most car manufacturers will install ADAS driving assistance system for new cars, such as Volvo, Chevrolet, BMW, Audi and so on. According to reliable market statistics: among the cars sold in China in 2017, there were 2,869,361 new cars entering the market with the main function of ADAS installed, involving up to 728 models, with an assembly rate of 13% among all vehicles, and compared to 2017, there was another substantial increase by 2018, with 1808,483 new cars entering the market in the first half of 2018 alone The number of new vehicles fitted with ADAS key features involved a total of 889 models, a number that already exceeds the amount for the whole of 2017, and a further increase in the assembly rate to 16.42% compared to 2017.


ADAS advanced driver assistance system practical functions are very many, and according to the different needs of car owners to choose practical functions, to the market well-known equipment Ou Guo G2 intelligent HUD driving safety assistant, ADAS system contains three main practical functions.


LDW lane drift warning; timely alert when the vehicle is pressed, run off, to avoid fatigue driving.


FCW front distance collision warning; timely alert when the car in front suddenly decelerates or when the car in front changes lanes and adds traffic.


FVSA Front Vehicle Start Alert; timely alert when the car in front starts when stuck in traffic or waiting for traffic lights.

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