Musk said automatic driving is ten times safer: Tesla AI is more reliable

liu, tempo Date: 2021-09-24 10:07:40
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On September 17, at the 2021 world new energy vehicle conference held in Haikou City, Hainan Province, Tesla CEO musk said in a video speech that “in the future, automatic driving technology can be realized through visual neural network, which is more than ten times safer than ordinary people”. Is automatic driving safer than old drivers?


At present, many auto enterprises rely on laser radar, ultrasonic sensor, camera and other components to complete the automatic driving assistance system, so as to obtain more accurate recognition ability. However, musk firmly believes that automatic assisted driving can be realized entirely by visual neural network, because human beings also rely on visual neural network (i.e. eyes) to drive, so computers can also.


2021 world new energy vehicle conference


Therefore, all Tesla models are only equipped with camera system, without other components such as lidar. Some netizens also complained that Tesla cut corners. It seems that everyone is wrong about musk.


We can’t judge which of the above two schemes is more advanced and safer. After all, the hardware system needs to cooperate with the software algorithm to produce results. When the camera or sensor scans the object, it needs to be further identified by the algorithm, so as to control the car and make various responses. Therefore, software algorithm may be a more important link.


Nowadays, many new cars launched on the market are basically equipped with L2 level automatic driving assistance system, which can only be used as an auxiliary means in the driving process. Many subjective controls and judgments still need to be completed by humans, which is still very far from the real automatic driving. However, musk has always called it “automatic driving” in his publicity, and said it is safer than human driving. It is easy to misunderstand that human beings can completely ignore the driving process and leave it to the computer control.


Because some Tesla owners have such ideas, so far there have been many accidents related to Tesla automatic driving. It really confirms the ridicule of netizens, “promote automatic driving and accident assisted driving”. At this stage of the technical level, there will still be many misjudgments in the recognition system, so that the car makes the wrong driving strategy, which is likely to lead to a car accident.


Automatic driving sounds really sci-fi, but it hasn’t been long since this technology was born. Maybe we can have a little expectation in the future, but at this stage, we’d better hold the steering wheel firmly when driving.

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