Tesla, who “doesn’t do his job”, wants to become an artificial intelligence giant and send a rocket to Mars

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Recently, Tesla held an AI Day theme meeting. As the name suggests, Tesla artificial intelligence day is an activity for Tesla to show artificial intelligence technology. Musk also tweeted before that: organizing activities must be used to show muscles, but the main purpose is to recruit people.


I have to say, Tesla’s muscle show is very good. As early as a few years ago, musk asked Tesla engineers to design an ultra-high speed training computer to train AI video algorithms and improve Tesla’s automatic driving ability with only camera as the main sensor.


Therefore, the “Dojo” neural network training supercomputer, full self driving (FSD) and Tesla BOT, Tesla’s first humanoid robot, were displayed at the meeting.


SpaceX’s flying plan


At the artificial intelligence day held recently, musk directly said that space X would increase the research and use of outer space in the next days, first sending humans to the moon, and then to Mars.


Speaking of the world’s tallest rocket, it can be traced back to 2016.


On September 27 of that year, at the 67th International Astronautical Congress held in Mexico, mascron re introduced the interstellar transportation system (ITS) scheme required by his Mars immigration program, declared that the cost of a person landing on Mars could be controlled at $200000 by using its rocket, and established regular cargo flights to Mars.


This is the first space migration program proposed by a private Rocket Company. Because the scheme is much cheaper than the traditional method, the plan also has high feasibility. In fact, since 2018, SpaceX has launched more than 1700 Starlink network satellites and launched Satellite Internet services in at least six countries.


By 2027, SpaceX plans to build 42000 Starlink satellites in orbit for use. Musk promises to achieve at least two cargo ship landings on Mars before 2022 and cargo + manned landings in 2024. Two manned spacecraft will send the first batch of personnel to Mars, and two cargo ships are responsible for transporting supplies. On this basis, a Mars immigration base will be gradually established. Eventually, there will be 1 million people on Mars and a city will be established.


Tesla artificial intelligence day


Musk: not just businessmen


Some people understand from the beginning that the probability of failure is far greater than the probability of success, but they are still willing to fight for it, because it can benefit all mankind and make the whole society more prosperous. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla, is such a person. It has to be said that musk, as a scientist and entrepreneur, is really much better than those so-called entrepreneurs in China.


At least musk opened the market in the field of new energy vehicles in China. After getting rich, he did not start investing in real estate and cutting leeks in various fields. Instead, he sold his own real estate and used it all for scientific research. The SpaceX rocket company founded by musk has been on the verge of bankruptcy and has now received orders from NASA. Its rocket recovery system has become the world’s first, greatly reducing the cost of human space travel.


It has to be said that we do need these services, but according to the “Maslow demand theory”, this is only the most basic demand of mankind. With the development and progress of the country, people have a higher level of pursuit. However, the fields that most entrepreneurs choose to start their businesses are generally industries that can see huge profits in a short time.


If large investment and R & D are needed in the early stage, and there is no lack of achievements, they will often give up because of the unequal benefits and risks. Musk believes that in the future, human beings can evolve continuously only through the development of artificial intelligence. Now, with the rapid development of computer, it has exceeded the processing power of human brain. Therefore, human beings should remain modest and respect the progress of science and technology, otherwise they will be completely surpassed by computers one day.


It is not difficult to understand why so many people are willing to support musk. After all, entrepreneurs who are addicted to scientific research are still rare, and entrepreneurs who work hard for human development are even rare.

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